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A Human

A Human is a poetry by Rachana Prasad that raises right questions to the typical societal stereotypes that paralyses the identity of a human by categorizing norms of being men and women.

I've always been on the side

Which the society highly despised 

I walked with my own will 

And drowned with my own devils 

They were not easy 

But I also have angels by my side 

I'm someone with a short haircut

Often asked about my gender

Of course I didn't get offended 

I would just ignore the stupidity of the offender 

I wear my pants 

My shirt buttoned up 

Hair slicked backwards 

Apparently dressed up like a boy 

I never questioned myself 

Who I could be 

I just walked with my pace 

Wherever the wind would take me 

It was fine being called names 

I never let them describe the real me 

They mistook me for a lot of things I was not 

It's okay, I said 

Few talks don't determine your self 

Who I would be 

If not a human 

A person with thousands of flaws

But also a good heart 

I call myself human 

For I never judged myself too hard

And when I say this

I talk for thousands and millions misjudged

Yes we take it as a joke 

But sometimes it does make us question

What is it that makes you a proper person?

And us a questionable gender?

ABOUT our star Author

Rachana Prasad - Creative Content Writer at Muselot

Rachana Prasad

Rachana Prasad is 21 years old and pursuing masters in Psychology. 

She loves to write and absolutely love to read!

Connect with her at - 

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