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A Human

A Human is a poetry by Rachana Prasad that raises right questions to the typical stereotypes.

Stereotypes that paralyses the identity of a human. 

I've always been on the side

Which the society highly despised 

I walked with my own will 

And drowned with my own devils 

They were not easy 

But I also have angels by my side 

I'm someone with a short haircut

Often asked about my gender

Of course I didn't get offended 

I would just ignore the stupidity of the offender 

I wear my pants 

My shirt buttoned up 

Hair slicked backwards 

Apparently dressed up like a boy 

I never questioned myself 

Who I could be 

I just walked with my pace 

Wherever the wind would take me 

It was fine being called names 

I never let them describe the real me 

They mistook me for a lot of things I was not 

It's okay, I said

Few talks don't determine your self

Who I would be

If not a human 

A person with thousands of flaws

But also a good heart 

I call myself human 

For I never judged myself too hard

And when I say this

I talk for thousands and millions misjudged

Yes we take it as a joke 

But sometimes it does make us question

What is it that makes you a proper person?

And us a questionable gender?


Rachana Prasad - Creative Content Writer at Muselot

Rachana Prasad

Rachana Prasad is 21 years old and pursuing masters in Psychology. 

She loves to write and absolutely love to read!

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