Best web series to watch for fun

5 feel good web series that will make your lockdown better

Tough times don't last but tough people do. 

While Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in every possible way, the only way we all can remain sane is to be indoors and indulge in activities that don’t steal our mental peace and sanity. 

One of those activities is watching television. The OTT platforms offer an embarrassment of riches and to choose from the given options often becomes a bone of contention. 

Hence, I shall make this task easier for you. 

Here are five feel-good series/ movies that will warm your heart and provide a momentary escape from all the negativity that’s going on in the world.

1. Good Witch (Web series) (Netflix)

Good witch web series on netflix

This show revolves around the life of a mysterious psychic Cassie Nightingale who resides with her daughter, Grace, in a small town of Middleton. 

Cassie’s instinct and intuition give her a chance to help everyone in need. She is gifted and so is her daughter but sorcery is not their cup of tea. 

Using happenstances for the betterment of others, these two beautiful women are sure to win your heart. Wondering if there is any romance? 

Well, yes. Cassie’s romantic inclination towards her handsome neighbor, Dr. Sam Radford is something to look out for.

2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Web series) (Amazon Prime)

The marvelous Mrs. Maisel web series on amazon prime

This one is old. Set in Manhattan (the 1950s), this show revolves around a charming young woman called Midge. 

Midge is married and has a fairytale-like life until her husband, Joel, reveals that he has been cheating on her with his secretary. 

Things fall apart and Midge, who once viewed things through rose-tinted glasses, now decides not only to be the breadwinner for her family but to also explore all avenues. 

She decides to become a stand-up comedian and her journey promises frequent doses of laughter and inspiration too. A good choice during such trying times!

3. Emily in Paris (Web series) (Netflix)

Emily in Paris web series on Netflix

This series is about a young, dynamic girl, Emily, who desires to live a life of Riley in Paris and adjust to her new job. 

Facing the language and culture barriers, Emily finds solace in her oozing confidence and her skill to initiate small talk with everyone who doesn’t like her. 

And then enters Gabriel, the dashing French chef who is someone to look out for! The brewing romance between Emily and Gabriel is the catch that this show offers. 

Hence, it is a must-try!

4. LOL Hasee toh Phasee (Web series) (Netflix)

LOL Hasee toh Phasee comedy series on amazon prime

This show is to be watched for Sunil Grover and Gaurav Gera. 

These two mimicry artists cum comedians along with another eight comedians are locked inside a humongous house. 

They are challenged not to smile or laugh at any situation or joke. The one who manages to pull off a dead face, wins! 

My god! It is absolutely hilarious to watch Gera as Dikso Shanti and Grover as a Crow! 

This might not be to everyone’s liking but it deserves a chance for sure.

5.  Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Web series) (Netflix)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine web series on Netflix

This is one of the best comical detective series that I have enjoyed till date. 

When an eccentric Ray Holt, the commanding officer, joins Brooklyn Nine-nine, his stern and rough exterior is challenged by an immature and carefree Jake Peralta. 

What ensues is a laughing riot and a meticulous solving of cases. I hope these lighten up the mood and the spirit. 

For more suggestions, drop in the comment section what you have been watching all this while. 



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