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Musings with Rain

The weather was quite clear. 

I was sitting by the window, lost in the loophole of nothingness. 

The weather changed. 

The light vanished as I saw the darkness coming. 

The clouds glided like dementors and kissed the sky, sucking the soul out of it. 

And down poured the rain. 

As if crying my heart out. Reflecting my thoughts. 

The sight should have felt reassuring, but all I could feel was disturbance. 

I was desperate; struggling to find something. 

Just like a person lost at sea searching for land. 

Submerged in chaos, I had lost track of everything. 

Goosebumps made me realize it was starting to get cold. 

The rain had slowed down to a drizzle. 

Gently the wind blowed. 

As if trying to calm me. And, it did. 

The wind could do what the rain failed to do. 

It engulfed me like a blanket and flew away, taking my disturbance with it; leaving me with a longing to do something. 

To express. To paint. To pour my soul out through the colours. 

And so, I did. 

And there I found it. 

My land. My hope. 

The end of my struggle: Peace. 


Chaitrali is a nature lover. 

Nature really stirs her imagination and inspires her to explore herself. Reading is her favorite hobby and it gives her immense joy! 

So does painting :)

You can connect with her at


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