Printed Notebooks


They say that when you write down what you want, it usually has a tendency to come true. Words have power and your belief in them makes them powerful. 

Since, you have landed on our printed notebook collection, here are my best guesses as to why you are here :D

Are you on a journey to start journaling? Or is it that you have decided (now or never), it's about time to have a personal sketchbook? Maybe you want to have a notebook to write down your (day) dreams? Still no?

Alright. So, maybe you are planning to write down your bucket list (power of manifestation much)? My last guess, you are thinking of gifting a printed notebook to a friend on their birthday (or just as a gift because you adore them so much)

Any close hits? Well, I leave that up to your discretion. But here is one thing I must tell you. I hope landing on our page inspires you just as much as we have been inspired to create these personalized printed notebooks for you. 

We hope you find something that makes you smile! See ya again!

Can a notebook be used  as a journal?

Yes, most definitely. A notebook is multipurpose and here are some ways you can use a notebook as a journal:

  • Bullet Journal (don’t be fazed by how everyone else does it, you do it your own way)
  • Work Journal (we all need some (a lot) of reminders every now and then)
  • Reading Journal (looking back into what you thought of a book, satisfying or cringy? I will choose both)
  • Health Journal (yasss, let's take better care of our bodies)
  • Painting Journal (yes yes yes)
  • Language Journal (because learning a new language is a piece of cake 😋)

What are the different types of notebooks?

Have we taken notebooks for granted? Not giving much thought on what types of notebooks might exist out there xD

Here are some different types of notebooks worth taking note of:

  • Spiral notebooks (check ours out, they are pretty rad!)
  • Composition notebooks
  • Scientific or Lab notebooks
  • Novelty notebooks
  • Business notebooks

What size journal is best?

Although this may vary with what you need a notebook for, many seem to agree that an A5 notebook is the perfect size for journaling. It is big enough to give you enough space to write or draw and is easily portable.

All our printed notebooks are perfectly A5 sized, ideal for your day to day use.

Why are spiral notebooks better?

For as long as I can remember spiral notebooks have been the most easy and convenient notebooks to use for any purpose. Spiral notebooks are affordable, keep everything organized and can be opened flat on any page be it the front or back pages.

What is GSM in paper?

GSM in paper stands for gram per square meter. Generally, the higher the GSM of paper, the thicker it is. 

Our printed notebooks have a study front and back cover each made of 300 

GSM paper, while the 150 sided 75 pages use 70 GSM paper. Perfect for your everyday use!

Where to get printed A5 notebooks?

The internet can become a maze when it comes to scouting for the perfect printed A5 notebook, it all depends on what you are looking for.

But if you are looking for spiral, unruled, printed A5 notebooks with creative designs, then I would highly recommend Muselot for you (I promise you won’t be disappointed).

What are some good personalized notebook gifts?

Everyone appreciates when a little thought goes into someone getting a gift for them. Something personalized is always a good idea for a gift!

Are you in a dilemma about which personalized notebook gift you are going to get? We have happily taken that task upon us. Our printed notebook collection offers you a range of custom printed notebooks to choose from.

Yoga lover printed notebooks? Covered

Motivational printed notebooks? Covered

Zodiac printed notebooks? Covered

Funny printed notebooks? Covered

We hope that you can find the perfect custom printed notebook to light up your friend’s day. Happy gifting!