12 Art Forms To Embrace The World Of Handmade Arts


The languages of beauty and colors merged with creativity and dreams; art is the best expression of love that you can ever make.

Art and craft can make anything and everything beautiful around. Prepared with passion and love by the local artisans and craftsmen, art is one with a heart and soul in it.

You must be wondering, is that true about art? Well, just think about it.

A child makes a personalized impressions card for you on your birthday or any special day; it will be nearest your heart. Isn't it? That's the beauty of handmade products.

So, with this, we thought of giving you even more reasons to adore the beauty of the handmade products made by small businesses and artisans around you.

So, are you ready for this colorful and inspiring roller-coaster ride to the world of handicrafts?

Well, let's get going then.

Reasons To Buy Handmade Products

Do you need a reason to buy handmade products? If yes, then we will give not one, not two, but 12 perfectly curated and decorated reasons to buy one.

Whether you are willing to get some local art or are looking for modern art of India, these reasons are just the thing you need to have. So, here we go:

1]  Unique In Nature

Every piece of handicraft ever made in this world is unique.

The story behind it, the colors and patterns, the design, and more importantly, the love flushed in it to accomplish it makes it just one of a kind in this big blue world.

2]  Follow The Concept Of Go Green

If you are willing to buy some eco-friendly products, these are your perfect pick.

Handmade products are made with care and precision and are just the work of pure craftsmanship and not produced in giant pollution generating factories that harm our mother earth.

3]  Thoughtful Placement

Every single handmade product is made with love and care.

As said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, likewise having a beautiful art piece at home is equivalent to adding a little confetti to each day, making it even better and brighter.

4]  Always of High Quality

Because the manufacturer understands the importance of each piece, handcrafted products are of the greatest quality.

Remember that paying less equals getting less.

Work handcrafted is built to last and not one that lasts until the guarantee expires.

5]  Sustainable By Virtue

Creators spend hours and hours to create even a single piece of beauty.

Whether you get a dress, a vase, or just a small piece of dia during Diwali, every single piece takes time and patience to get completed.

With no unethical sourcing and use of natural material, sustainability is prime in all kinds of art, including modern art.

6]  Supports Small Businesses

Vocal for locals. The government is trying to promote this idea, but when you start buying from small businesses, you are supporting them and the native art and craft that was trying to thrive for a long.

7]  Ease Of Customization

What is better than customized gifts? I agree; they are the ones that define true love.

Personalizing your piece gives you a sense of pride because it is one-of-a-kind. Every artist desires to see a satisfied customer.

They achieve happiness by assisting in creating your very own bespoke item.

8]  Have A Story Connected

By creating art, you are not just supporting the art, skills, and family, but also you are allowing an old tale to sing its satire.

Everything can share a beautiful story with you, from Dhokra handicrafts, roghan painting to macrame art.

9]  Keep Traditional Art Alive

Yes, by allowing craftspeople to practice, showcase, and carry on traditions, you encourage learning, creating, and history.

We live in a society that appreciates art and creativity, and by purchasing handcrafted items, you are helping to ensure that the arts are preserved for future generations.

10]  Timeless Beauty

Fashion changes with time. What is trending today will be obsolete tomorrow.

But when it comes to art and craft, the timeline for becoming obsolete is infinite.

From simple abstract paintings to beautiful canvas paintings, all art forms are timeless beauty that never fades away.

11]  Lets You To Be Quirky

Why not try something trendy and different rather than gifting the cash envelope? Well, that's the idea behind the handmade products.

It gives you the liberty to be imaginative, quirky, explorative and even allows you to think beyond the universe.

Creativity lets you say I need more space for my ideas and quirkiness.

12]  Made With Love And Care

Lastly, a thing that is known to all and doesn't require explicit explanation, art and craft are made with love and care.

The secret ingredient is love in every form of customized gifts and artistic products that truly makes them special.

But what makes handmade products so valuable? You must be wondering this, so here we go.

What Makes A Handmade Product Valuable?

Practically, everything is valuable in this world. Whether it's a small piece of paper or a big piece of art, the things that define their value are their uniqueness and quality.

So, here are a few reasons that make them truly immensely available:

  • Creativity and imagination are precious and take time to shape.
  • They are unique.
  • It's handmade and takes more time. 
  • The craftsmen do everything.
  • Materials are expensive.

But this value is not just in terms of price but is more linked to uniqueness, quality, and beauty.

Do you Know that Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi is the most expensive art priced at $450.3 million.

Though there are various other expensive art which you can check here.

What Are Some Brilliant Art Skills That Will Blow People's Minds?

I am sure you must be thinking about the various art forms you can try. Of Course, with such an amazing list of reasons, you must be tempted to buy some great artforms.

Art truly says to its receiver, "love is a tight hug from you." But which one should you get?

Well, here is the list of the art forms that you can get and enjoy:

1]  Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani painting, also known as Mithila painting, is a prominent art form in the Nepalese and Indian states of Mithila and Bihar.

Symbolic symbols of the lotus plant, bamboo grove, fishes, birds, and snakes in the union were shown in those paintings to symbolize fertility.

Like other old art forms, Madhubani art is inspired by nature and Hindu religious motifs, with themes centered on Hindu deities such as Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.

2]  Warli Art

Warli tribes from the mountains and coastal regions and the Maharashtra-Gujarat boundary practice this art style.

Intricate geometric patterns of flowers, wedding rites, hunting scenes, and other everyday activities characterize his tribal art.

There are no straight lines in the Warli paintings, which is interesting. Crooked lines, dots, circles, and triangles are the most common.

Warli paintings, which are ritualistic, were typically created by married women to commemorate a wedding.

3]  Pattachitra

Odisha's Pattachitra is one of the state's oldest and most popular traditional art in India.

Pattachitra is distinguished by the themes Thia Badhia, Krishna Lila, Dasabatara Patti, and Panchamukhi, known for their vibrant colors, appealing motifs, designs, and depictions of legendary figures or stories.

Pattachitra artists, also known as chitrakars, use vibrant colors such as red, yellow, indigo, black, and white.

The Pattachitra art has come full circle from being drawn on palm leaves to silks.

4]  Kalamkari

Kalamkari, a pen art form, has its origins in chitrakattis, or stories told by singers and painters.

These traditional artists traveled from village to village, telling amazing stories from Hindu mythology and painting them on a vast canvas with plant colors.

Though Kalamkari is most recognized for depicting scenes from epics such as the Ramayana or the Mahabharata, it has recently been utilized to show scenes from Lord Buddha's life and times.

Many families in Andhra Pradesh have practiced Kalamkari for decades, and it is their principal source of income.

5]  Resin Art

One of the modern art forms that are loved by many is truly the trending one on social media platforms; resin art can be best explained as the art of preservation.

It's made by mixing a liquid chemical called epoxy resin with various color pigments and additives to create a distinctive pattern and texture.

As a chemical reaction between its components occurs, the resin mixture progressively hardens (when blended with a hardener) to a solid plastic.

Best explained as the love of reliving childhood by preserving special things for eternity; this is one amazing art to learn and try.

6]  Roghan Painting

Rogan painting is a type of cloth printing that originated in Gujarat's Kutch district.

Paint produced from boiling oil and vegetable dyes is applied to fabric with a metal block (printing) or a stylus in this craft (painting).

Ladies largely purchased the painted fabric from lower castes who wished to embellish their bridal clothes and bed covers.

It was a seasonal art, with most of the work taking place during the months when most weddings occur.

7]  Dhokhra Handicraft

Tribes who specialize in Dhokra handicrafts live in the Bastar region, a district in Chhattisgarh.

Its wax casting method dates back over 4,000 years in India. The dancing girl of Mohenjo-Daro is one of the earliest known Dhokra artifacts.

Because of their basic simplicity, fascinating folk motifs, and powerful shape, these products are in high demand in domestic and international markets.

8]  Digital Painting

When the world is moving towards digitization, why leave the art behind?

Well, this is the idea that defines this beautiful modern art form in the best and most precious manner.

Traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, and others are applied using digital instruments such as a computer, a graphics tablet, and software in digital painting.

The artist creates the digital artwork straight on the computer using painting techniques.

Though the art form is considered very difficult, once you get the hang of this modern art, you will immensely enjoy it.

9]  Macrame Art

Playing with the threads to create something unique and enchanted is the main concept of macrame art.

Macramé is the art of creating attractive patterned textiles by tying knots. Many people believe that macramé is derived from the Arabic word 'migramah,' which means 'fringe.'

The modern artists of India practicing this artform can create wall hangings, purse, mirror cover, vase cover, and a lot more using these beautifully colored threads.

10]  Embossed Art

Consider ceramic artists or woodwork artists to understand this art form most simply.

It is a kind of canvas painting modern art form but with a twist that has some ups and downs on the fame to give a 3D effect.

An embossed pattern stands out against the background, whereas a debossed pattern is recessed into the material's surface yet may appear on the reverse side.

11]  Oil Painting

The love for oil paintings in India is not new but has been there for quite a long. Their shiny finish and amazing look make them stand out from the others.

Oil paintings are a great gift and always have some great story attached to them that offers you the best and most unique proposition ever.

Its exceptional ability to generate tonal or color fusion sets it apart from other fluid painting mediums; simultaneously, it is simple to accomplish satisfactory linear treatment and crisp effects.

12]  Exotic Candle Art

Last but not the least, here is an art form that will light up your room and enclosures with bright light and will make your day even better.

Yes, this is the exotic candle art that is truly one amazing art form for those looking to try their hands on something new and beautiful.

Made from wax and can be molded in different shapes and sizes, the candles with different oils and fragrances are just the best ones to try.

But do you think that not all types of traditional art or modern art are more needed to be big and bulky?

You can combine minimalism with craft and give it a unique touch. So, here is how you can do that.

How Do You Combine Crafts And Minimalism?

Simplicity is central to minimalism, which entails simplifying one's life and living simply.

This trend promotes repurposing old items to reduce the number of new items purchased.

It's about getting rid of the things that keep us from focusing on our personal development.

But if you are willing to combine crafts with minimalism, then these are the top things that will give you the right direction to make your piece stand out:

  • Form

Know what kind of artform you are looking for. When you focus on minimalism, the best thing to do is to stay attached to just one art form rather than moving from one to another.

  • Finish

Finishing is the key to beauty. Minimalism in crafts demands precisely finished corners, top, and a great design to make it stand out. 

Ensure that the finish moves hand-in-hand with your wish to make it perfect.

  • Focus

Craft and minimalism are all about focus. It means to make sure to merge the colors and designs so that they complement each other. 

This is one crucial aspect of the focus in art and craft.

  • Functionality

Every artform comes with functionality. It means that whether you are planning for a simple dean or are looking for classy print, you should keep functionality linked to beauty at heart.

  • Fineness

Last but not least is fineness. Make sure that you clean every single line in your art piece. 

Also, to ensure that the fineness is at its prime, accommodate the quantity of design you can fit in without losing beauty and precision.


What is your newly found love then? Well, if I ask this, there is no doubt that one or the other form of art and craft must have enticed you a bit.

Also, you cannot deny the willingness to have some classic piece in your house to add a unique level of charm and attraction.

While there are hundreds of art forms available, remember that each artist has a personalized impression of beauty and uniqueness.

Also, every artist, be it the traditional artist or the modern artist, every single artist has the most amazing idea and the beautiful story behind the creations.

So, what are you waiting for? Select some of the artistic merchandise from Muselot and read about the stories that brought them to reality.

Feel that strong connection and make your wardrobe the room for stories with no end.


1]  Which is the most common art form that you can learn?

The most common art form that you can learn is canvas painting or sketching. Moving ahead, if you are looking for some modern art, digital art is a perfect choice.

2]  Which of these art forms can be printed on clothing?

Madhubani, warli, Pattachitra, oil painting, digital art, roghan, and various others are a few ones that you can print on clothes to offer you the most unique and beautiful attire ever.

3]  What are the different products available using digital art?

Right from visiting cars to digital book covers and greeting cards, there are hundreds of things available and use the digital art form.



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