List of Top 10 destinations for solo travellers in India

List of Top 15 Destinations For Solo Travellers


Do you remember the movie "Yeh Jawani hai Deewani"?

Yes, you got it right; the Deepika and Ranbir starrer movie is an inspiration for all with the knack of wanderlust. Still, thinking why? Ok, then read this signature dialogue,

“ Main udna chahta hun, daudna chahta hun. Girna bhi chahta hun. Bas, rukna nahi chahta.”

Exactly, that is something we are going to talk about today. With deep research, I have curated an extensive list of places that every solo traveler should visit at least once. 

Trust me, these places to solo travel will amaze you, and you will end up falling in deep love with them.

So, let's stay on track and explore the best places for solo travel in India to have an enchanting travel experience that you want to have. 

And don't worry, we have the best solo traveler tips as well for you.

PS. Keep your Find the joy in journey coffee mug filled because that's what you are genuinely going to have.

Top 15 Destinations For Solo Travellers

Whether you solo travel with a group or are looking for a destination for solo travel for females, we have got you covered. 

From the land of mountains to the deserts and from the calmness of the sea to the soothing experience of yoga, there are indeed hundreds of places to go.

But before we share you the list of solo travel destinations in India, do you know a fascinating fact about Solo travel and COVID? No? then read here: "Post Covid: Solo travel is the second-most popular category for post-lockdown trips, says Cox & Kings.”

Fascinating, right?

And has landed us to curate the list of the hottest and the best places in India for solo travel that you are going to love. So here we go:

1) Hampi - The City Of Ruins.

Hampi - the city of ruins, top destination for solo travellers

For lovers of history, this is indeed the best destination for solo travellers.

A destination recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this one is mesmerizing. 

Offering a refreshing experience to know about the mighty Vijayanagar Empire, this place is an open museum with over 500 ancient monuments. 

A haven for mountaineers, this is located at the bank of the river Tungabhadra. Rock climbing in Badami is a stunner. 

So, if you are one for whom life is a daring adventure, then pack your comfy travel t-shirts and boots to explore the beauty.

2) Kerala - The God's Own Country.

Kerela - the god's own country, is one of the top destination for solo travellers

If there is a place that is best for solo travel for women, it is Kerala. Not only that, if you want to experience a place with calmness, nature, beauty, and lip-smacking food, visit Kerala. 

This paradise on the Malabar coast has a large network of backwaters, shimmering lakes, glistening beaches, unexplored national parks, and rolling hills filled with the aroma of tea and coffee plantations.

The astonishing place is perfect for getting some ayurvedic spas, re-tuning to mind and soul, and letting the heat vent out. 

So, if you are looking for a place to enjoy nature, the sea, and just brew coffee, Kerala it is.

3) Kasol - The Amsterdam Of India.

Kasol, the amsterdam of India - top destination for solo travellers

One of the best solo trip destinations in India, this is one that will offer you the most amazing experience ever. 

Known for its hippie culture, this is the hottest destination where you will find many places for trekking. 

Not just that for all solo travelers, but if you are planning a trip with your friends and family, this is indeed one of the most happening places.

Located on the banks of river Parvati, the must-see spots in Kasol include Kheerganga, Tosh, Malana, Pin Parvati Pass, Sar Pass, Manikaran, and Tirthan Valley. 

Remember to pack your warm printed hoodies and sweatshirts for comfort if planning to celebrate a night under the stars.

4) Pondicherry - The French Riviera Of The East.

Pondicherry, french reviera of the east - top destinations for solo travellers

Experiencing French culture in India is no less than pure sheer bliss. Pondicherry is one of the places that offer numerous packages for female solo travelers in India

The streets of Pondicherry's French Quarter, known as White Town, are lined with beautiful mustard-yellow colonial buildings. 

The cobblestone walkways, surrounded by traditional French bakeries, are ideal for a stroll or a bicycle ride. The tiny little village also has much to offer adventurers. 

Water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, canoeing, and backwater sailing  are popular at Karaikal and Paradise Beaches. 

Pondicherry also offers scuba diving, so keep your fish keeper's t-shirt ready to make some scaly friends.

5) Darjeeling - The Queen Of The Hills.

Darjeeling, the queen of the hills - top destinations for solo travellers

Flaunting the beauty of the mesmerizing flora and fauna, Darjeeling is a queen city with amazing flavours of tea. 

The beautiful green hills are peppered with colonial architectural houses, churches, and many tea farms. 

This location offers a breathtaking perspective of Mount Kanchenjunga, the world's third-highest peak.

Being one of the best solo trip destinations in India, this place offers you hundreds of opportunities to do something thrilling and amazing like - The toy train ride, Gondola ride, tea plantation tour, trekking, and nature walks.

6) Rishikesh - The Yoga Capital Of The World.

Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world - top destinations for solo travellers

Who doesn't love eternal peace?

Remember the most amazing solo trip quote from Christopher McCandless from Into the Wild that states,

"The core of man's spirit comes from new experiences." 

Well, if so, Rishikesh is one with a whole lot of new experiences for you.

Also known as the adventure capital of India, this is where you have multiple ashrams, temples, and immense opportunities to participate in adrenaline jump activities.

Luxurious greenery, amazing climate, and located in the foothills of Himalaya, this is a destination to get some amazing photoshoots. 

So, if you are a Yoga enthusiast, then pull your yoga swag with the cool yoga can fix it all printed t-shirt.

7) Udaipur - The City Of Lakes.

Udaipur, the city of lakes - top destinations for solo travellers

The city of kings and lakes, Udaipur, is one of the most colourful and royal places you can explore.

Known to be the best solo travel destination, it is surrounded by the Aravalli hills. 

It boasts a wealth of stunning architecture, enthralling temples, and natural beauty, making it a must-see trip in India.

Udaipur is the pride of Rajasthan, and a boat trip across the tranquil waters of Lake Pichola will show you why.

If you're planning a solo trip in India to remember and cherish forever, then this is the place that says, "little moments, big memories"

Also, if you are a lover of handicrafts, visit Udaipur around December to explore Shilpgram, the extensive fair for Indian artists.

8) Shillong - The Scotland Of The East.

Shillong, the scotland of the east - top destinations for solo travellers

If you are looking for a place for solo travel for females, then Shillong it is. Named after an idol, Lei Shillong, it is a beautiful city covered by pine trees. 

It is well-known for its gorgeous terrain resembling the highlands, as well as its pleasant climate, making it a great destination to visit all year.

Shillong is regarded as one of India's greatest solo travel places due to its gorgeous mountain peaks, many waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and breathtakingly beautiful golf courses. 

It is also regarded as the music capital of India since it is home to many renowned Indian artists.

So, keep yourself ready with the life is better on a bike t-shirt to express your feelings when you reach here.

9) Manali - The Valley Of The Gods.

Manali, the valley of the gods - top destinations for solo travellers

You all must have heard the Manali Trance, but here we are with the next best solo trip destination, Manali. 

Before sharing something about Manali, think, what if campfire makes us a storyteller? Real fun, right? 

This is what Manali can offer to you even when you are a solo traveler in a group.

Manali is located in Himachal Pradesh on the banks of the Beas River; It is one with two major seasons, summer and winter. 

Summer is ideal for exploring, trekking, river rafting, and other outdoor activities. Winter brings with it snow and snow sports. 

The old town, historic temples, hot springs, monasteries, and other Hindu legendary locations are open all year. 

Often regarded as the Honeymoon Capital of India, it has lush green forests, jaw-dropping views, flowing blue streams, expansive meadows blanketed with flowers, and a continuous fairy-tale-like mist hanging in the air.

10) Ladakh - The Land of High Passes.

Ladakh, the land of high passes - top destinations for solo travellers

If you are a traveler looking to explore the beauty of nature on the bike, then the Ladakh trip is your best solo trip destination

The most magnificent scenery in the country may be found in the country's most isolated regions.

Ladakh is surrounded by the world's most majestic mountains, the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram ranges. 

The trip to Ladakh is difficult because it is located in the harsh mountains but will take you via some of the world's highest passes.

Ladakh's glacial lakes, barren mountains that change colour with every ray of sunlight, and gorgeous terrains provide breathtaking vistas. 

And yes, do not forget to pack your cold weather and hot choco coffee mug to enjoy warm Choco on the mountain.

Booking the Ladakh travel package is a great idea for smooth stay and vacations.

11) Spiti Valley - The Middle Land.

Spiti Valley, the middle land - top destinations for solo travellers

Similar to Ladakh, this is a hidden treasure that is indeed one of the best destinations for solo travelers. 

Spiti, which translates as "the region between Tibet and India," is the holy grail of backpacking, with hundreds of solitary travelers flocking to this thinly inhabited valley.

 This Himachal Pradesh's high-altitude valley is home to several Buddhist temples and stupas, as well as snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear rivers, and all the thrills you'd expect from Ladakh. 

The only difference is that it is somewhat off-beat compared to the other, making it much quieter.

12) The Great Rann Of Kutch- The White Desert.

The Great Rann of Kutch, the white desert - top destinations for solo travellers

The salt marshes here recreate the renowned all-white terrain of the Rann of Kutch. In fact, "Rann" literally means "salt marsh."

Gaining high fame and recognition, this is the place where various solo travellers visit.

Known to be one of the greatest destinations for cyclists, and with the popular Rann Mahotsav, this is one of the places to solo travel

The incredible environment allows for the equilibrium of a desert on one side and a sea on the other. 

The needless beauty of the white sane, the traditional village style huts for stay, and the delicious local cuisine is enchanted. 

Remember to pack your cyclist in space hoodie, you know, just in case you are mesmerized for a morning ride when the air is pretty cold.

13) The Ziro Valley - The Land of Wildlife Treasure.

The Ziro Valley, the land of wildlife treasure - top destinations for solo travellers

A lesser-known place, this is gaining fame as the best destination for solo travel for women

Located in Arunachal Pradesh, this is a place with lush green farms and traditional huts built and surrounded by high mountains.

The Ziro Valley Carnival, a magnificent yearly music event, has made this lovely paradise renowned. 

Spending a day with the Apatani ethnic people, learning about their way of life and culture, will also provide you with a fresh perspective on life.

14) Goa - The Pearl Of The Orient.

Goa, the pearl of the orient - top destinations for solo travellers

Remember the famous dialogue from the movie Dil Chahta Hai that says, "Hum logon ko har saal ek na ek baar Goa zaroor aana chahiye," Well, I don't know for you, but that is something that will be more of a solo travel tip for me. 

The country of sun, sea, and beaches provides a perfect setting for a soul seeking.

Stay in beach camps populated by hippies at heart or go beach hopping; everything is fun.

Swim and participate in sports such as jet-skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, boat trips, and so on.

If you get an opportunity, trek to the Dudhsagar waterfalls, go on a backwater boat or visit animal reserves for an unforgettable trip. 

There are multiple Goa travel packages available that you can select as per choice.

15) Jibhi - The Mountain Gateway.

Jibhi, the mountain gateway - top destinations for solo travellers

This is the hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh.

If you are a solo traveller looking for the best trip destination that can take you to nature, help you connect with the earth, and explore the authentic lifestyle of wooden huts, well, Jibhi is your escape. 

Decorated with stones, mountains, flowers, apple orchards, and Galgal trees, this place is still untouched by the smoky industrialization. 

So, remember to pack your reusable printed mugs and avoid littering this beautiful place with paper cups or other non-recyclable materials.

Well, if your best solo travel places are ready, here are a few quick tips that can help you plan your trip with ease and enjoy the trip the most.

Tips To Remember For Fun Trip

So, without much ado, here are some tips for a fun solo trip in India:

1)  Avoid overpacking clothes and other things.

Just keep some simple printed t-shirt and printed hoodies and sweatshirts that can go with every skirt, short, or jeans while giving you a classy look.

2)  If planning to camp, simple coffee mugs in the pack will be great for sipping coffee, tea, or even soup.

3)  Create an itinerary that you can cover with peace.

4)  Make sure to create a budget and ensure to avoid overstepping for better financial management.

5)  Keep all the necessary documents in one place with utmost safety.

6)  Reach the airport or station well before in time. Nobody loves to have the last-minute hassle that might cause plan failure.

7)  Ensure to check your bank account, cards, and net banking before leaving. This will ensure that you are not stuck at any place with no funds or access to funds.

8)  Booking your stay well in advance will be amazing.

9)  Do not plan only for an all overnight journey trip. Have sufficient time to rest; you don't want to doze off while exploring nature.

10)  Try keeping your social media friend away. You are out to relax and create memories, and not to be busy on your phone.

11)  While booking, take guidance from the expert as this will reduce the chances of error and can kill the solo travel plan fun.

12)  When it's travel time, keep your schedule on the mark to avoid any kind of lapses.

13)  Ensure to gather information about the pace you travel to, like food, culture, and other local aspects.

14)  This might sound funny, but pack your choose your path printed notebook and a beautiful pen to write down your travel stories on the way.


There is no right time to start your plan to travel the world. 

But if you are one of those who believe that you should travel far to meet yourself, then this list of the best solo travel destinations in India is perfect for you.

Indeed we all have a place of choice, so which of these is yours? And if you have not created your bucket list of dream solo travel destinations in India, then make one today. 

We are eager to know your experiences of travelling to these destinations.

What are you waiting for? Start packing, book a ticket, get ready, and get going!!!


1]  What are the most visited places in India?

Undoubtedly, Goa is one of the most visited places in India, followed by Manali, Udaipur, and Rishikesh.

2]  Which are the best yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda destinations in India??

Rishikesh is your perfect destination if you seek a place to indulge in yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. Additionally, there are Kerala, Coimbatore, and even the Spiti Valley.

3]  What are the best places for nature lovers in India?

If you love nature and are mesmerized by its beauty, then explore Spiti valley, Jibhi, and Ziro Valley. These untouched destinations are loaded with scenic beauty that is just speechless.

4]  Do I need travel insurance?

Seeking travel insurance is a great idea. It will help you financially in times of need and will also safeguard you from uncertain happenings. There are various options like Tata AIG, ICICI Lombard, and others.

5]  Is India safe for female solo travellers?

In terms of safety, India is not at the top of the list for female solo travellers. But still, there are a few destinations that assure a great level of safety.

6]  What precautions should one take while travelling solo?

One of the most important things to consider while travelling alone is to ensure that you have everything packed in the right amount, schedule properly managed, and bookings in place. Additionally, gather a little information about the travel destination to be safe.



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