how to finish the first draft

How to finish the first draft in 27 days

Many authors start working on their book ideas but for some or other reason never finish them. 

And many take years to complete just one book. Others have just  decided that they will write and publish a book but didn’t set the deadline. 

A goal without a deadline is just a wish.

A goal without a deadline is just a wish

If you ask any of them I am sure excuses will be one of these: 

 1) I didn’t find time 

Time constraint

2)  Writing block, it means that you are not attached to the idea yet 

Are you attached to the idea of your writing?

3) Story is flat 

4) Tons of other problems

Problems faced

So people out there who haven’t decided on the completion of their first draft yet, I dare you to challenge yourself that you will complete your first draft at least in a certain time maybe a month or two. 

How to finish your first draft in 27 days

Because when your first draft is ready you will eventually publish it. 

Worst case scenario will be you will at least start writing the book, best case scenario will be your first draft will get ready by that time.

I have completed the first draft of my debut book “Wrath of KAAL” in mere 27 days. Yes, that's true. 

My daily word count target was 1k to be achieved under one hour. 

Thanks to my mentor who suggested me to write in sprints which not immediately but eventually increased my speed to write around 400 words in 10 minutes, so to write 1000 words I just need 30 minutes daily.

If you are planning to write a 30k script, you just need 30 days or I say 30 hours. Plan a night before on which scene you gonna work the next day.

Any piece of writing requires discipline, time management, patience, and faith in yourself that whatever you are writing will help others.

How to finish your first draft real quick

First of all the idea should be close to your heart, that way you feel no burden when you sit to write. 

I am an animal lover so it was clear for me that I will write something related to animals because I also get exhausted by my 9-5 job but that idea makes me alive every time I talk/think about it.

I joined a course on how to write a book in June 2020 and from July 2020 onwards I had to start working on my idea. 

But I was scared, fearful enough to at least make the story outline. I tell you why because when I was to start writing the book the whole story/scenes were not readymade in front of me. 

My mentor suggested making an outline of half the scenes and start the writing and on the way figure out the rest of the story. 

In short, the whole story was out of my control, and we humans tend to do things that are under our control and feel very uncomfortable in dealing with things that are not in our control, same happened with me. 

I literally procrastinated for 2 months, in September 2020 I made the outline and started writing. That was my biggest writing block which I faced because I am not from a writing background. 

This was all new for me and I finally overcame it. 

Do you want to know how? 

Why I wanted to write the book, that was crystal clear for me, ‘to spread more awareness regarding animal abuse’. 

That pushed me every day that I should complete my daily target first thing in the morning.

Getting out the first draft asap is necessary because you will definitely lose interest if you stretch the first draft for months.

FINAL Tips: 

1) Create a reading habit 

Create a reading habit

2) Find an accountability partner who will push you

Find an accountable partner to collaborate

3) First complete first draft, edit later on. 

Complete the first draft of your writing

4) Hire a mentor if you like. 

Hire a mentor

5) Set a tentative end, and plan your scenes reaching the predefined end, in the writing process if you find a better ending then update it. Your readers will never come to know what was the initial ending :). 

Set a tentative date to speed the process

Let me know if any of the above tips inspired you to finish the book.

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