Latest power couple: Jumper dresses and tights

Jumper dresses are usually perfect for a day full of lounging, but jumper dresses can be made more versatile and stylish with just the right tips.

As a style enthusiast who’s been mixing and matching outfits for years, I've discovered the jackpot to make jumpers elegant and dressed up.

The secret weapon is tights.

As someone who loves to experiment with fashion and explore different styles, I can confidently say that understanding how to match these two items is a real game-changer in the world of fashion and comfort.

Let's embark on a stylish adventure. We're going to delve into the world of tights, exploring their endless potential to revolutionise your wardrobe.

From selecting the perfect pair of tear proof tights to nailing the right look for any occasion, I'm here to guide you through it all. Let’s step into the world of tights and jumper dresses, and unlock the secrets to styling them like a pro!

Choosing the right jumper dress

Before we jump into tights, let’s talk jumper dresses.

A jumper dress is also called a sweater dress in some regions. It's typically made from comfortable, stretchy fabrics and is designed to be worn over shirts or blouses, or simply on its own. 

This versatile piece can range from body-hugging styles to more relaxed, oversized fits. It's a perfect blend of a cosy sweater and an elegant dress, making it a staple in many wardrobes for its ease of styling and comfort. Making sure that you choose a dress that will flatter your body is important.

  1. The Right Fit:

If you’re on the petite side, consider a shorter hemline to create the illusion of longer legs. A fit that hugs your body without being too tight can be particularly flattering.

If you are taller opt for a bit longer, midi or maxi length dresses, offering a sophisticated look. Opt for a fit that's snug at the right places to accentuate your height.

Regardless of your body type, comfort should be your top priority. Look for a fit that hugs you but doesn’t restrict you, allowing you freedom of movement.

Play around with sleeves, jumper dresses come in long sleeves, no sleeves or dramatic sleeves.

A beautiful and bold sleeve will add a lot of movement to your outfit and will look good on its own without any additional help.

A sleeveless dress can be paired with a crop top or a long sleeve top underneath. This will help you layer more easily and add more patterns and colours to your outfit.

  1. Fabric Matters:

For the cooler days opt for wool or thicker knits. These materials will keep you cosy while still looking chic.

For sunny days go with cotton or cotton-blend fabrics are ideal. They offer breathability and are less likely to overheat when layered.

  1. Colour and Pattern:

The first mention here is to neutrals and earthy tones. Blacks, greys, and beige offer a lot of versatility and go with various styles and colours.

Also a reminder to not be afraid to experiment with bold colours or patterns. A vibrant red or a playful polka dot can transform your outfit and make it pop.

Textured fabrics or prints are a great idea to add depth to your outfit. Consider cable-knit patterns or ribbed designs for a touch of uniqueness.

Jumper dresses also have a variety of neckline styles, a high turtle neck is a great option for winters. A lower neckline will pair well with jewellery and scarves.

The length of the jumper dress is also crucial, shorter dresses are good for showcasing your legs and statement shoes. While longer dresses have more of a posh look.

Want some more layers? Experiment with hoodies, scarves and jackets on top.

Once you've got the perfect jumper dress, pairing it with the right tights will be a breeze, and you'll be ready to step out in style!

Selecting the Perfect Tights:

Alright, now let’s turn the spotlight to the real game-changer in this fashion equation – tights! It's amazing how these stretchy wonders can completely transform the vibe of your jumper dress. Let's break down what you need to know to pick the perfect pair.

  1. Consider the Denier:

You know those chilly days when you still want to rock a dress? That’s where higher denier tights come in. Fleece lined tights are thicker, offer more warmth, and are generally more opaque. Think 40 denier and above for those brisk days.

On the flip side, when the sun decides to grace us with its presence, sheer tights (around 15-30 denier) are your best friend. They provide that polished look without the extra warmth. Plus, they add this subtle elegance that's just unbeatable.

  1. Coordinate Colours and Patterns with the dress:

You can never go wrong with classic black tights. They're like the little black dress of the tights world – versatile, flattering, and oh-so-chic. They go with any and every style of dress you can imagine.

But hey, why not mix things up a bit? Coloured tights can bring a whole new dimension to your outfit. Think a deep burgundy or a forest green for a touch of intrigue.

  1. Quality is Key:

We’ve all been there – a brand-new pair of tights and an unfortunate snag. That's why investing in good-quality, tear-proof tights is a game-changer. They might cost a bit more upfront, but they’ll last you way longer.

Besides durability, look for tights that offer a comfortable fit. You don’t want them too tight or constantly sliding down. A good pair should feel like a second skin.

Choosing the right colour for your tights can really make your outfit stand out. You could either go for a tone that matches your jumper dress for a streamlined look or choose a contrasting colour for a bold statement.

Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone – fashion is all about expressing yourself, after all!

Okay, let’s get down to the fun part – styling your jumper dress and tights for different occasions. Trust me, with the right combo, you can rock this look anywhere!

Picture this: a sleek, tailored jumper dress paired with classic opaque black tights. It screams professional yet fashion-forward. Add a belt to cinch in that waist and create a structured look that means business.

Round it off with some stylish ankle boots or sleek loafers. You'll be turning heads at the office, all while keeping it utterly professional.

For a brunch date, why not choose a flowy jumper dress? It’s relaxed, it’s chic, and when you throw in a pair of fun coloured tights you’re instantly brunch-ready.

Slip into your favourite comfy ballet flats or some casual boots. You’ll look effortlessly stylish while enjoying those mimosas!

Date night calling? Go for a fitted jumper dress that hugs you in all the right places. Pair it with sheer black tights for an added touch of elegance. Simple, yet incredibly chic.

Complete this look with a pair of killer heels and some statement jewellery. It’s the perfect balance of sophistication and allure. Get ready to make a lasting impression!

For a chilled weekend vibe, a loose-fitting jumper dress is your go-to. It’s all about comfort without compromising on style. Add some coloured tights – forest green or deep burgundy can be stunning choices.

Throw on a pair of cool sneakers or chunky boots. This look is all about being relaxed and ready for whatever your weekend throws at you.

So, whether you’re powering through a workday, catching up with friends, heading out on a romantic date, or just kicking back on the weekend, there’s a jumper dress and tights combo that’s just perfect for the occasion. Have fun mixing and matching, and remember – fashion is your playground, so play away!

And there we have it – your comprehensive guide to rocking tights with a jumper dress for just about any occasion! It's been such a blast walking you through the myriad of ways you can pair these two versatile pieces. 

Mix and match colours, play with patterns, and most importantly, have fun with it. Fashion is an incredible way to express who you are, and there’s no better feeling than stepping out in an outfit that makes you feel confident and fabulous. What are your favourite styles of sleeves on dresses

I hope you feel inspired to try out these tips and make them your own. Remember, there are no strict rules in fashion – only guidelines and a whole lot of personal creativity. So go ahead, experiment, and strut your stuff with confidence!


What Tights Work Best with a Jumper Dress for Office Wear?

For office settings, opt for opaque tights in neutral colors like black or navy. They offer a sleek, professional look while complementing the simplicity of a jumper dress. Choose a higher denier for a more refined finish.

Can I Pair Patterned Tights with a Printed Jumper Dress?

Absolutely! Mixing patterns can be bold and fun. The key is to keep one pattern more subdued than the other. For instance, a lightly patterned jumper dress pairs well with delicately designed tights. It's all about balance!

What are the Best Tights for a Casual Jumper Dress Look?

For a casual look, try coloured tights. Shades like burgundy or forest green can add a playful twist. Textured tights, like ribbed or cable knit, also add depth and interest to a laid-back jumper dress.

Are Tights and Jumper Dresses Suitable for Summer?

Yes, in cooler summer evenings or transitional weather, a lightweight jumper dress with ultra-sheer tights can be perfect. Choose breathable fabrics and lighter colours to keep the look season-appropriate.

What Footwear Should I Pair with My Jumper Dress and Tights?

Your footwear can vary based on the occasion. Ankle boots or loafers are great for a professional look, while sneakers suit a casual outing. For an evening out, opt for elegant heels or stylish pumps.

How Do I Choose the Right Jumper Dress for My Body Type?

Select a jumper dress that flatters your body shape. Petite frames can opt for shorter lengths, while taller individuals might prefer midi or maxi styles. Look for cuts that highlight your best features, like a waist-cinching belt for hourglass figures.

How to Care for Tights to Ensure They Last Longer?

Wash your tights by hand or in a gentle cycle with cold water. Avoid wringing them out and hang them to dry. Store them carefully to prevent snags. Quality, tear-proof tights are also a good investment for longevity.

What are the Latest Trends in Tights and Jumper Dresses?

Current trends include bold colour blocking, eco-friendly materials, and textured patterns in tights. Jumper dresses with unique necklines or sleeve details are also popular. Fashion is always evolving, so keep an eye out for the latest styles!


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