Royal return of the pantyhose

Pantyhose might seem really high and mighty from its name but it is really another name for tights and stockings.

While they are a staple item in a lot of people's wardrobe they also seem to be something a royal hand reaches out for.

Kate Middleton is a member of the British royal family. She is admired for her elegant and sophisticated sense of style, which combines classic silhouettes, timeless pieces, and modern trends.

You might remember her going viral for her post-pregnancy outfits and of course through her outfits she is also seen paying homage to Princess Diana who was the O.G. style icon.

One of the really notable pieces in Kate Middleton’s is noticed to wear tights often with her outfits and is often credited to bringing back this piece of clothing.

Let’s explore the journey of pantyhose and how they made a strong comeback.

How far back do stockings go?

Stockings were invented back in the 20th century when nylon came into the picture.

Back then also Queen Elizabeth 1 was fond of wearing them which initiated its roots in the royal fashion.

Later on as miniskirts and dresses became popular the general public also started wearing tights.

Tights weren’t just made up of nylon but also silk. These days tights are made up of many types of materials such as spandex, lycra and polyester.

A good quality seamless stockings are made up of a mixture of nylon, polyethylene and spandex. Just like our bestseller tear proof tights.

However, pantyhose have not always been this popular or appreciated. In fact, they have gone through many phases of popularity and decline throughout history. 

Stockings lost its popularity due to style going towards embracing and accepting bare legs. The fabric of stockings in the past was also not great which caused them to tear and snag which made them a poor economical choice.

The Duchess Factor and the Pantyhose Renaissance

When Kate Middleton stepped into the royal spotlight, she brought with her a breath of fresh air to royal fashion norms. 

Her style choices, always under intense scrutiny, have nonetheless consistently mirrored her elegant and approachable persona. 

A significant part of her wardrobe that caught the public's eye is her consistent use of pantyhose.

Kate's choice of sheer, nude pantyhose presents a polished, sophisticated look that aligns perfectly with the royal dress code. 

It’s not just about adhering to tradition; it's a style statement that combines grace with practicality. 

The Duchess’s preference for pantyhose definitely brought it back in modern fashion,many women worldwide also revisited this classic accessory.

I feel this era of timeless fashion is definitely for Kate Middleton, including pantyhose, that beautifully bridge the gap between royal tradition and contemporary style. 

While she has to maintain the decorum of being part of the royal family, she certainly does so while looking gorgeous.

This ‘kate effect’ has shown its effectiveness in increasing the sales of pantyhose. I do agree that the way she carries herself is phenomenal, this hack of using pantyhose is definitely one that can be used to mimic that posh look.

Pantyhose are not just a fashion choice but a tool that adds finesse to the overall look. 

They give a seamless finish to legs, enhancing the elegance of  all outfits, whether they are colourful or finely detailed. Additionally, tights are great to add a layering effect which adds a certain sophistication that we can see in Kate’s outfits.

Kate Middleton surely uses the importance of presentation and the role of accessories in creating a polished image.

Adding the royal touch to your outfits

You don’t need to be royalty to emulate Kate’s pantyhose style. 

What you need are a few tights that you can swear by ideally tear proof tights that will fit you well and last you even longer.

Whether paired with a classic dress, a professional skirt suit, or even a casual ensemble like a crop top, these tights can elevate your look, adding a touch of royal sophistication to your everyday style.

Stockings are more than just their aesthetics, especially when endorsed by a fashion icon like Kate Middleton, their practical benefits are equally noteworthy. 

Here’s why they’re more than just a fashion statement:

Versatility: Pantyhose can adapt to various occasions - from formal events to casual outings. They complement almost every outfit, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Seasonal Comfort: Providing an extra layer during colder months, fleece stockings can keep you warm without compromising on style. In warmer weather sheer tights add a layer without heating you.

Enhanced Appearance: Pantyhose give a smooth, polished look to your legs. Which adds a tone of colour and the oomph of confidence to your outfits.

Not limited to any colour, stockings come in various shapes and sizes and find the one that makes you feel like royalty.

Dress like the icon: Kate Middleton

Taking inspiration from the Duchess, here is how you can create outfits that are camera ready.

The Royal staple: Pairing a sheer, nude pantyhose with a knee-length dress and pumps for a look that echoes Kate’s royal elegance. Bonus points if you wear pearls.

Casual Chic: Combine coloured pantyhose with shorts or a mini-skirt for a playful, casual outfit.

Professional and posh: Wearing sheer, black pantyhose with a tailored skirt suit can never go wrong. Showcase your best work and look at the sametime.

Step up your evening looks by matching sheer or glossy pantyhose with an evening gown; it can either be a vintage or modern look.

Experiment with colours, embracing your royalty doesn’t mean you stick to neutrals. Try out coloured tights and patterns, embrace the queen you are.

Sheer or opaque, coloured or plain – what's your go-to pantyhose style?

Kate Middleton's embrace of pantyhose isn't just about fashion; it's a reminder that confidence comes in all shapes and sizes, from sheer deniers to opaque control.

Until then, let's raise a glass (or a cup of afternoon tea) to the Duchess of Cambridge, and the uncanny ability of pantyhose to make anyone feel impossibly chic.


Are sheer tights suitable for all seasons?

Yes, sheer tights are versatile and can be worn comfortably across different seasons, offering both style and practicality. Fleece tights are a better choice for colder seasons as they look great and add a layer of warmth.

Can pantyhose be paired with any shoe type?

Absolutely! Pantyhose go well with various shoe styles, from elegant pumps to casual flats and even boots. Pantyhose are utterly versatile and add layers and poshness to all outfits. Additionally they give a beautiful finish to your legs.

How do I choose the right colour pantyhose?

For a classic look, match the pantyhose colour to your skin tone or outfit. For a bolder statement, opt for contrasting colours or patterns. Choose a stocking which is made from good quality material to ensure longevity.

How can I make pantyhose last longer?

Handle them gently, wash with care, and store properly. Opting for quality brands and material also ensures they don’t tear or snag.

Can pantyhose be a part of a minimalist wardrobe?

Yes, due to their versatility and ability to complement various outfits, pantyhose are an excellent addition to a minimalist wardrobe. They can be worn under dresses, skirts and even shorts. This makes them a piece of clothing you will often reach out for.

Where can I find style inspiration for wearing pantyhose?

Look to fashion blogs, social media, and style icons like Kate Middleton for creative ways. Tights are almost part of everyone's wardrobe these days so investing in a good quality one can help you figure out which way of styling tights are your forte.


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