Top 40 small creative artists on Instagram | Discover hidden talents in India

It's no secret that we now live in an upload and share kind of world.  So, we are almost always surrounded by some form of art or creativity. Be it Pinterest, Instagram, WeHeartIt, the list just goes on. 

This only comes to mean that there are so many creative artists out there who are trying to make their mark in the world of Art.

Okay, maybe if not so much as making a mark, but definitely sharing their works as an outlet of their creativity and emotions.

Also to no surprise, many small artists are setting up independent businesses, in an effort to put their interests for others to enjoy, be it visually or tangibly. 

A big YAY of the whole “independent startup” is the liberty that artists can enjoy their creative freedom.

What is creative freedom,  you might ask? Well, think of it as a leaf blown by the wind. You go where your creative voice leads you.

So much of Art is a form of surrenderance. You make what you want to, what you feel like. You follow the direction of the image in your head. 

And when you see it materialize into something tangible, I tell you it is a good feeling.

It entails fertilizing a human mind by moving beyond the obvious and discovering paths into the unseen, unseen, and unseen. 

Creative artists should always be given the freedom to create something new, unique, and inspiring. 

 In short, the ability to accomplish anything without limitations is known as creative freedom.

Often as artists or artistes (as I sometimes like to call just to make myself feel like I have more flair) we have this incessant nagging feeling that we must create beautiful Art every time we pick up a pen or brush. But the truth is, that does not always happen.

And this is where I have come to find “the surrender” or letting go and diving head first into the process. 

Sometimes it's messy, sometimes it's super fast, other times it takes days just to finish a piece, but what I have come to realize is that by the end of it, I have always learnt something new.

Something I can take on.

Over the past week, I have been able to search and reach out to some truly amazing Indian artists. Talking to these artists on Instagram has been such a wonderful experience, because sometimes we only see the Art but not the artists. So, here is a shoutout to these creators and all the joy they bring with their work.

On the very outlook, the work spoke for itself. The vibrant colours, the Lorde album art and the cat portraits, are enough to catch anyone’s eye. Be it originals or those from references, her work shines a spotlight on themselves.

 If you are looking for paintings or super, super cute t-shirts, you would be missing out if you do not give her page a look. Village breeze (an acrylic on canvas piece), was the first to catch my eye. Why? I absolutely loved the colours.

If you are looking for some cute earrings or pop sockets, this is the page I would recommend. With all original and handmade products, her work definitely sets her apart.They would make wonderful (and yes, one of a kind ) gifts. Rainbow artsy, is open for commission work and ships her products pan India.

Hold on, it does not end there. Be it earrings, key chains or paintings, this is the stop you should not miss.

There is not much to say except, wow. By the look of things, there is nothing Vaishanvi (the founder of artsy_painting) cannot paint. She works solely with acrylic, and wow what a world she has created.

Be it cute panda coasters, flowers painted cassettes or Van Gogh inspired skies, her work is a force to be reckoned with. And, she is self taught (AMAZING)

Like other artists, she has both original works and those from references. If you are looking for something beautiful to fill that empty space on your wall, hop on to her page and be amazed. I assure you, you would not be disappointed

4)  bag.itall

Tie dye is back, and it is here to stay.

Fun fact: Tie dye was made famous as Protest Art in the 1960s and as Pop Fashion in the 1970s.

So, I was particularly excited when I came across this page. T-shirts, bucket hats, baguettes, headbands, short, you name it bag.itall has it all. And not to mention, the colours are absolutely stunning.

Yes, they are all handmade and want to know the best part? Every piece is unique, literally (no two pieces come out the same with tie dye). If you are looking for a new tee, scrunchy or such gifts for someone, I recommend you have a look at this you-nique store.

Black out drawings or psychedelic art?

Well, Swahnye does both. Here's a page where, seeing is believing

The intricacies of the colourful psychedelic mandala art are noteworthy. 

Even with so much details, both lines and colours she finds a sound balance between the two which makes her work both intriguing and aesthetically pleasing.

But, if you are more of a black and white person, well her black out pieces are just as good.

 With all original works, Swahnye mainly works with oil and acrylic.

Digital art has taken the Art world by a storm and it is here to stay.

veler_arts was the first digital art page I came across and yep, it stuck on me. The Inktober series was particularly striking with simple black lines and a white background.

However,  the animations were superbly combined with the witty word plays and jokes.

With all original works, veler_arts is still uncertain if people would be interested in buying his work (although I think he’s pretty good). So, if you are looking for a designer for your next project, he could just be the guy for you.

Looking for a ceramic artist? This is the page for you.

Poonam hand makes all her products and they are super adorable (check them out). 

If you are thinking of adding a new addition to your kitchen counter, or a trinket for your earrings or a succulent planter for your growing urban garden, her page will offer them all to you.

P.S - She also has the cutest dog bowls.

At first glance, the mixed media pieces stood out the most. Her pieces bring innate buildings to life and her colour palette is a delight. 

Although she is a multimedia artist, Alifiya majorly works with watercolour and gouache.

If there is something you would like to have painted, she would be the person for you.

Alifiya mostly does commissioned work.

This was easily one of the best pages I came across.

Purnima has some of the best mandala art designs amongst the artists on instagram. All works are originals, some which are hand painted on canvas and others with colored pencils on paper.

She combines mandala art with modern art abstract painting and exquisite colours. 

So, if it's bookmarks for your growing novel collection or a painting you have in mind, please have a look at her page. You most probably won’t log out empty handed.

And, she is a self-taught artist.

Realism art will never cease to amaze me.

Here is one such fine portrait artist. This page will give you goosebumps by how good the artworks are. 

In conversation, he (the artiste) said that most of his older works have been from references while his recent ones are purely originals.

Moving from graphite and charcoal, ahmedtaus_art is easing his way into new mediums like colour pencils and thread work (both of which he is so good at).

From his works, it looks evident that he is moving towards a more hyper realistic form of Art.

Storytelling and Art go hand in hand. But, there are times you find an artist who does both  just right.

Iva is that artist. Not only is her page aesthetically pleasing (with all the beautiful colours) but you will almost feel like you have stepped into a story at play. 

From her anime pieces to the picturesque landscapes, her page is one you ought not to miss.

Though a traditional artist all the way, Iva has been trying her hand at digital art and her animal illustrations are nothing short of adorable (and super unique).

In a first for me, Ritika makes string art my new favourite thing to try out.

With all her products handmade with the utmost detail, her page is one you should consider for a customized gift idea. 

Like many works of Art, she too prices her work depending on the size and design of the product, averaging between Rs. 550 - 1500.

Is there a place where you wish to replace a wall clock (whose battery you have forgotten to replace months ago)  for a beautiful wall decor?  If yes, here's the page to stop by. You won’t be disappointed.

Easily one of the best mandala art designs.

If it’s the classic black and white pieces or the more colourful ones or even digital mandala design, this is the page you cannot miss.

Hitanshi, joined the artists on instagram in mid 2020 and for the last one and half years, she has put out a range of works. So, if it's a print design or resin coasters you are looking for, her page is an absolute hit.

How do you stand out in a sea of talent?

Well, for thekleistore that is not a problem. I was most intrigued by the store name. And, so I came to find out that it was actually the Dutch word for “clay”. Definitely a super clever idea! (don’t you think so too?)

But, like most ceramic artists her work did the rest of the talking. She has some of the most unique earring designs with the most adorable packaging. And, yes they are all handmade with clay.

Is there a friend’s birthday coming up? If that’s a yes, then head on to her page to get the perfect unique gifts!

Star struck! One of the most original 3d drawing artists!

Monochrome or colour? She does it all (and so so good). With all original works, Kataki’s mandala art design and zentangle designs are absolutely stunning. 

Her mix of line art and abstract art makes her stand out in spite of so many modern artists in India.

If you are looking for something to buy (print, earrings) or just inspiration, this is the page to go to.

If embroidery is what you fancy, then here’s the perfect page for you. the_floralgallery handmakes custom designs on hangable embroidery loops. 

On days with no other lined up works, each project would take about 1 to 3 days to complete. But, of course that would vary with the size and design.

Got an anniversary coming up? Then here’s the perfect gift idea for you.

Aesthetic and originality? That’s for you.

The duo handmakes all their products using cotton macrame cords. Does macrame sound like a new word to you? Well, it is a crafting technique where loops and knots are made to form designs. It can be employed to make handbags, jewellery, clothing items and so much more.

From earrings to hairbands, keychains, hair clips all the way to wall decor their page is an absolute must if you are on the lookout for a latest addition in your room (or accessory section). To be honest, their work is a breadth of fresh air.

Also, they have the most thoughtful store name. (Mysa: to engage in an activity that is comfortable, especially at home; being content and cozy).

18)  heyits_iba

Sometimes you come across an artist who can do it all. And Iba is one such artist.

If it's her figure drawings or her digital art works and their witty captions, there is a certain originality in her work that always shines through. But wait. There’s more.

Her sticker and earring collection are probably all the aesthetics I need! With unique and original designs, her collection can stand out in any crowd.

Putting out all original and handmade works, Iba is truly an artist that explores her creative freedom leaving all of us in awe.

Her page is an absolute delight and yes, one you must not skip out on.

Her work is undoubtedly one of the most unique out there. Despite the sea of artists on Instagram, Anushree’s work will find a way to be etched on your mind.

I’m not sure if it's her use of colours, or the captivating storytelling or plaintively the originality in her work that leaves me awestruck in some mysterious way.

Originality is something no one can buy, but it's something one can master and Anushree has done just that!

Feeling uninspired? Then her page can be your remedy.

20)  the.rfg

Working mostly with Acrylic, watercolour and ink, Rufina has work that will surely catch your eye. Her pen doodle art is intrinsically noteworthy.

A creative artist that is experimenting with many art forms, Rufina has more in store than she is showing right now. 

Until she decides to sell her art work, we’d have to scroll through her feed to see what new project this talent is up to.

Want to have something unique and enchanted to decorate your house? If yes, then these paper dolls are great. 

Designed by one of the new artists Radhika JA, these paper dolls are made from newspapers and are best to give. 

Available in varied sizes from 8-36 inches, these dolls are a great selection to make for a traditional art gift with a touch of modern art style.

22)  earriniva

Art has no definition and no limit. And when it comes to jewelry, the art choice needs to expand even more. 

Serving as one of the clay artists in India who offers amazingly cute jewelry to all beautiful ladies, this page is loaded with all the classic collections. 

Owned by Umna from New Delhi and shipping to PAN India, this page offers customization and direct orders designs.

Are you looking for some painting artists in India with a unique touch? If yes, then Yusha Patel is one of the best. 

A fine art artist with unique taste and amazing clay work, her work is so unique that it will add charm to your interiors. 

Though most art is available for direct sale, customized gifts are also available if you want something specific.

Some of the old art forms define the true beauty of Indian culture, and one such art is Warli art. 

Though you might get these warli prints everywhere but if you are looking for the best Indian artists offering this wonderful piece, this is your destination. 

Just select one art piece of your choice and determine its availability to order and redecorate your interiors.

Are you bored or your old jewels? Are you looking for some unique wall clocks? 

If yes, then this page is just perfect for you. Serving as one of the best modern artists of India, the artworks of Krupali are based on resin, which offers them a unique and elegant finish. 

Available in various combinations and designs, the fine work, the classic finish, and the beautiful style make them stand out from the crowd.

@Craftedbygp is one of the most amazing abstract art designers in India, this page belongs to Gokul Priya. 

Known for her amazing dreamcatchers with a unique design and amazing taste, her work is perfect, neat, and beautiful. 

With most designs readily available, the collection is a perfect storehouse of classic pieces to select from.

Every girl deserves beautiful hair accessories that make them look even more beautiful and young. 

Based on the same idea, this page by @zoti_grg07 offers the best collection of handmade scrunchies. 

Available in a combination of colors and designs, these scrunchies are perfect abstract art available for delivery all over India.

Taste the beautiful design of the dhokra handicraft with the Sandhya Fab Crafts. 

This Instagram profile is also dedicated to handmade pure brass jewelry serving as one of the best destinations to get jewelry with an elegant finish and amazing designs. 

Bringing in the tradition in style, this is a page to visit.

29)  acordstory

Owned by Snehi Shah, this page is dedicated to the fine art of macrame. 

Known for her amazing designs and beautiful wall pieces, all her art is unique, enchanted, and classic. 

Also, all her art is readily available, and with customization, she designs great pieces to go for.

@Belasanghrajka is one of the finest Indian Painters, this page offers you amazing paintings to hang on your wall and give your house an elegant and amazing makeover. 

Offering unique and serene designs with an amazing combination of colors, all the available paintings are ready to order. 

Following the concept of creativity has no age; you will surely love the designs here.

Looking beautiful and stylish even when you are wearing a mask is a great idea. 

This Instagram profile offers the most extensive collection of handmade masks in both painted and embroidered designs. 

They look so beautiful that it will be hard to forget wearing these while going out.

Looking for some inspiration? If yes, then this is the place to get some. 

Owned by Rhea, the Indian illustrator, this page has one of the finest and most exotic collections of bright and cute stationery products that makes it one of the go-to destinations for any stationery lover.

An art page that defines itself to be owned by an amateur is one of the best. 

With a wide variety of mandala design bookmarks available in the affordable price range, this page offers an extensive selection and choice to all. 

So, select your choice of bookmark and make your reading sessions full of fun and enjoyment.

Are you looking for some handmade resin products? 

If yes, then this place is the perfect one to get a great selection and customization choices of resin artworks. 

Designed with passion and care by Ayushi Kesarwani, every design is loaded with unique artwork that will amaze you.

Why settle with simple gifts when you can have the best? Well, this is the same idea that works for these handmade doodle frames. 

This page has quite a simple and unique aesthetic dedicated to doodle art, readily available and customized.

If there is an art that is very trending today, it is mandala and dot art. 

Designed and owned by Urmi Pandya, this page is one of the best to get unique pieces of art made from dot work and mandalas. 

Simple and artistic, the coasters, cups, and even the posters are so stunning that they will add a unique hue of colors to your interiors.

Offered by deepa, this instagram profile is dedicated to resin art and flowers. The artworks on this page can add charm to every corner of your room when decorated most finely.

Vocal for local, a concept that gave birth to various businesses, gave a booster dose to handmade businesses like this small scrunchie business. 

These artistic handmade scrunchies are not just graceful but also full of utility to access your hair and give you the most exotic look ever.

If you are looking for some amazing craft keychains, this place is just perfect for you. 

You will not just find keychains here but also other art forms like Quilling, Explosion Boxes, Scrapbooks, Macrame, and much more, making this page a classic. 

A great collection of macrame art, this Instagram page is all about knitting artists and the creative freedom you have beenlooking for.

An artist by heart, this page belongs to Dr. Farhana Shaheen Hussain. 

Specializing in simple modern art abstract painting, her work is remarkable and enchanted. 

She mostly draws landscapes and cartoon characters made from watercolors that can add a vibrant and soothing flair to your surrounding.

Those were few of the many talented Indian artists on Instagram. If it's mandala art design, doodles, calligraphy, ceramic artists, or abstract art painting there is no boundary to the sea of talents that is out there. 

My experience communicating with each of these creative artists has been nothing short of wonderful.

I hope you like them too.

Role of social media

We cannot deny that social media has made a huge impact in connecting creators with their audiences. It has given creative artists the freedom to express their ideas

Because of its easy accessibility to anyone and everyone, being recognised can sometimes become a challenge. But, is that necessarily bad? Nope, I would not say so.

All these creators have landed in our blog, simply because of one thing, they stood out despite the plethora of creators. So, it becomes apparent that a creator must find their niche, one that can connect, draw and attract people.

So, now the spotlight is on you. When you think of Art what do you see, what do you hear, what do you feel?

Is it a blank canvas splattered with paint? A page with lines? A melody or tune? A string of words? Or a movement?

You hold the creative freedom to explore that space as and how you wish to tell your story. So, get on the ride with us and give your story a spotlight to shine on.


1) Is gifting handmade goods possible?  

Yes, if you are looking for unique and personalized gifts, handmade gifts are the best. Remember to place the order in time to ensure that you get the gift when you want. 

 2) Can you customize the artistic pieces for personalized touch? 

Yes, you can customize the art pieces for a personalized touch. But every handmade product is customized differently, so you need to consult with the artist first. 

 3) Are there any local arts that you should go for? 

Madhubani art, mandala art, dot mandalas, and paintings are just a few to name, but still, there are hundreds of local art that you should try once. 

 4) Which is the best artistic gift that you can offer to all?   

Resin art gifts are the best artistic gift you can offer to all concerning the current gifting trends. But if you are planning to give something to a girl, scrunchies have no match.



Oracle Wahlang - is a Botanist by major and a curious learner by nature.  She is a self-labeled introvert who enjoys learning new things and having discussions with friends. She enjoys reading, sketching, painting, and yes, researching. 

She also sometimes like to think that she clicks good photographs. 😉

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