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9 Mind-Blowing Yoga Facts And Myths Served Hot


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Interesting facts about yoga

One of the most interesting facts about yoga is that it can increase your lifespan considerably.

Great, right?

Think about it, a simple form of exercise that has been in India for around thousands of years is loaded with such immense benefits.

That's not it, there are way more benefits offered.

And frankly you do not need to be an expert or one who can twist and turn your body limitlessly to take a taste of these benefits.

Flexibility is not something to be worried about at all, you will gain it with time.

What if I say just 15 minutes of yoga can boost your immunity and mental health, then what would you do?

Well, I am sure I'm going to jump with happiness and start it right away, and who wouldn't like to invest 15 minutes in wellbeing.

Honestly speaking, it is an  ideal way to stay energetic and healthy. And there is great information that will blow your mind.

What do you think is the yoga market worth? First make your guess and then look at the answer below:

One of the most interesting facts about Yoga shared by AP News 2020 on research by Allied Market Research suggests that the Yoga market is expected to reach $66.2 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2021 to 2027.

Isn't it fascinating that Yoga is such a great market?

Well, you might have tried and tested various asanas and yoga postures, but we are here with a different story for you.

Take a moment to make sure you’re up to date on these mind-blowing facts about yoga and break the common myths about yoga.

You might be surprised at what you learn.

A Brief History Of Yoga

Yoga facts and history

A spiritual discipline that helps individuals achieve harmony between the mind and body, Yoga is an age-old practice that originated in the Indus-Sarasvati civilization.

It is around 5000 years old and was first mentioned in Rig Veda.

The main aim of Yoga is to help to achieve mental peace because your mind matters a lot when it comes to overall wellbeing.

The meaning of Yoga in Vedas is referred to as a yoke.

Only around 2000 years ago, one systematically documented the Vedic Sanskrit texts by various Indian sages in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

The Sutras offered the much-needed guidance to readers to create peace and gain fulfillment.

Another one of the fun facts about Yoga is that it was around 500 years ago that Yoga got global recognition.

Gaining worldwide popularity today, it is known to be Modern Yoga that offers you some adaptations and changes in practice.

The yoga facts and statistics suggest that the demand for yoga equipment rose to 154% during the COVID-19 period, as reported by Research and Markets, 2020.

Yoga was indeed the best way to stay healthy both mentally and physically during the COVID-19.

Let's move ahead to find some interesting facts about Yoga that will blow your mind.

9 Facts About Yoga

AP News 2020 covered a report by Allied Market Research indicating that the number of yoga practitioners is expected to cross 350 million in just a decade.

That is a huge number, right?

Indeed it is and so it is more important to know the yoga facts that will change your way of looking at it. So, here we go:

1. Yoga means to connect.

Yoga means to connect

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that refers to joining.

Yoga is considered spiritual and physical guidance that helps connect the human soul and mind to the body.

It is one of the facts about Yoga that define the connection of humans with the divine.

2. The variety of Yoga is infinite.

Yoga facts - there are approximately 100 different styles of yoga

One of the statistics about Yoga suggests that there are approximately 100 different styles of Yoga, as identified in a report by The Good Body.

Some of the common varieties of Yoga are Face yoga, Yin yoga, Integral Yoga, Power Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Rāja Yoga, and Jñāna Yoga.

3. Yoga boosts your immunity and mood.

Facts about yoga - Yoga boosts immunity and mood

Yoga is focused on the overall wellbeing of an individual. It boosts immunity and enhances the same to the genetic level as well.

One of the interesting yoga facts and statistics shared by NetDoctor suggests that spending 15 minutes on Yoga practice every day can change brain chemistry and boost an individual's mood.

4. Yoga helps you to avoid overeating.

Yoga facts - Yoga helps to avoid overeating

It might sound surprising, but Yoga helps to get rid of the cravings that can reduce the habit of overeating to a great extent.

By increasing the emotional and physical sensations, Yoga helps to gain better food habits. It is truly one of the hidden facts of Yoga.

5. Yoga can cause injuries.

Interesting facts about yoga - yoga can cause injuries if not done with care

Yoga is a double-edged sword.

If the practice of Yoga is not taken in the proper direction that it can cause injuries that can be from moderate to severe.

According to research about Yoga related injuries, the number of injury cases rose from 9.5 to 17 per 100,000 between 2001 to 2014.

6. Yoga can spice up your sex life.

Yoga facts - yoga can spice up your sex life

Following the concept of stretching more and stress less, Yoga can spice up the sex life of an individual.

Increasing flexibility, offering better strength, and ensuring reduced stress levels can positively change sex life. 

7. There were only male Yogis till 1937.

Interesting yoga facts - There were only male yogis till 1937

Yoga was believed to be for men till 1937.

There were practically only Yogis who practiced the art of Yoga during the period.

It was in 1937 only when the world got the first female to practice Yoga.

The Russian Lady, Eugenia Peterson-Labunskaya, was the first Yogini permitted in the Indian yoga ashram.

8. Yoga suggests that the number of breaths is limited.

Facts of yoga - Yoga suggests the idea of controlled breathing

Yoga is associated with the idea of controlled breathing.

It is believed by Yogis and yoginis that an individual has a limited number of breaths available with him.

So, to increase the lifespan, it is crucial to have control over the breaths.

9. Yoga can increase lifespan.

Fun facts about yoga - yoga can increase your lifespan

It is indeed one of the interesting facts about Yoga.

Yoga improved the overall health of the internal body organs and the mental wellbeing.

By improving mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, Yoga helps to improve the lifespan of an individual.

Great, right?

You must be thinking that Yoga is truly a fantastic discipline to have in life.

Well, indeed it is.

Yoga poses teach you the best and essential lesson in life, which is, "You can control your inner self."

But yoga facts and myths go hand-in-hand. So, let us move ahead and find the myths.

9 Yoga Myths To Say Goodbye To

9 Yoga myths

Hope you enjoyed the yoga facts.

But no story is complete without twists.

So here are some myths that you definitely need to know and say goodbye:

Myth 1. Yoga can be learned only at an early age.

Myths about yoga - yoga can only be learned at an early age

Truth: Yoga can be learned at any age.

There is no restriction for individuals to learn Yoga irrespective of age.

But one of the interesting facts about Yoga is that if learned at an early age, it is simple due to body flexibility.

Myth 2: To do Yoga, you must have flexibility.

Myths about yoga - To do yoga, you must be flexible from the start

Truth: Even though you do not have the flexibility, you can start practicing Yoga without restriction.

When Yoga is done regularly, flexibility is gained with time.

Myth 3: Yoga is just another form of physical exercise.

Myths about yoga - Yoga is just another form of physical exercise

Truth: Yoga is not just physical exercise but is a complete combination of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and psychological exercise.

It offers you overall wellbeing without any hassle.

Myth 4: Traditional Yoga cannot help reduce weight.

Myth about yoga - Traditional yoga cannot help reduce weight

Truth: Yoga is the best form of exercise to help reduce weight.

Whether you are into power yoga or the traditional form of Yoga, you can get rid of excess weight with ease.

Myth 5: Women should avoid Yoga during pregnancy.

Myths about yoga - Women should avoid yoga during their pregnancy

Truth: Women can do Yoga during pregnancy but under supervision.

Also, only specific asanas you can practice, and it will entirely depend on the pregnant woman's condition.

Myth 6: Yoga is a religion.

Myths about yoga - Yoga is a religion

Truth: It is not a religion but a way of living a better and happier life.

This is one of the most common myths, which is entirely false.

Myth 7: Yoga cannot be custom-made.

Myths about yoga - Yoga cannot be custom made or personalized based on your body

Truth: Yoga can be personalized and modified for different persons based on their particular needs and requirements.

The yoga teachers usually define the yoga schedule based on individual requirements.

Myth 8: Yoga is only for humans.

Yoga myths - yoga is only for humans

Truth: Well, in recent times, there has been a new branch of Yoga discovered. It is known as Doga, in which the pet and owner perform Yoga side-by-side.

It was started in 2002 in New York. Dogasana is genuinely an incredible way of connecting with your pet.

Myth 9: Yoga is simple and can be learned from books in a few days.

Yoga myths - Yoga is simple enough to learn from books
Truth: Yoga might seem simple, but a lack of proper knowledge about various Yoga asanas can cause injuries.
Though multiple books and websites can help you learn Yoga, you should always rely on authentic sources to learn the same.


These yoga facts and myths backed with real truth will help you to break all those misconceptions about yoga that not only holds seasoned yogis from developing a deeper, more mindful practice but also prevent people from ever stepping on the mat to begin with.

Now that you're all geared up on the knowledge of yoga facts and busted the common yoga myths in your mind, it's time to share it with the world as these facts and myths could serve as an eye-opener for many.

So, which of these yoga facts fascinated you the most?

Do share with us in the comment, and don't forget to share your response to myths.

Myth 6 was a surprise for me, which one is for you?

So, start practicing Yoga to transform oneself, and remember this:

"Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees." ― B.K.S Iyengar.



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