COVID-19 Updates

We have always prioritized the safety of our employees, and in these uncertain times, this is no different. 

We have been constantly working on making your shopping experience better at Muselot, striving to improve by 1% everyday. Our commitment throughout has been that we are as helpful as we can be to you – our customers – during these times of stress and uncertainty and we aim to achieve that through ensuring uninterrupted service. 

As a result, we are operating with reduced capacity to adhere to strict hygiene and social distancing practices. Because of the reduced capacity, we request you to be prepared for delayed production times and slower delivery. However, we are moving forward and are seeing things coming back to normal. 


In response to the sudden surge in orders during the lock down, we have added a new DTG printer to our army of printers. 

The estimated time to dispatch based on our current order backlog will be 7-9 days.

Out of stock products

We are expecting less out of stock issues on account of higher inventory threshold managed by us and also dedicated inventory with our vendors, thus enabling faster restocking. 


Kindly also note that since the courier companies are updating their serviceable pin codes on a real time basis, it would be difficult to provide a consolidated list of serviceable pin codes. 

We’re working diligently to adapt to these new circumstances while planning for the future. We’re grateful to you, your ongoing support, and that you’re doing your part to flatten the curve. We shall keep you updated with any further information. 

If you have any specific questions not addressed here, feel free to reach out to us over email at or drop us a message at +91 9315889722