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Some people are effortlessly funny and some, maybe not so much. Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a little more funny. Sometimes, it sounds so damn funny in our heads but man, that mouth just spoils it all. 

But there is something that will never fail. How about wearing your funniness instead? Are you thinking what I am thinking? 😏😋

If humour fuels your sanity and you just cannot get enough of it, I present to you our Funny Collection ranging from funny printed t-shirtsfunny coffee mug prints and funny hoodies print to bring some lightheartedness into your daily life. 

Share a laugh, save a life! 😃

Where can you get funny hoodies for guys?

Searching for the perfect funny hoodie is a task most people do not give enough credit for, but I know what kind of trouble that can be. So, I must tell you that Muselot is the one stop shop where you can find a range of funny hoodies for guys.

Made with 100% cotton, pre-shrunk and superior production process, our hoodies will make you feel warm and comfy, ready for the Winters. 

Give our page a look and scout for the best funny hoodies that suits your humour.

What are the best funny quote notebooks in India?

Are you ready to make your stand up comedy debut? 

Oh, you have been looking for a notebook to jot down knock-knock jokes?

Aha, find the best funny spiral notebooks at Muselot and give your jokes (or notes) a place where they can stay for the meantime before they are out into the world inducing smiles and laughs.  

Find the perfect A5 size spiral notebook with 75 unruled pages in 70 GSM at Muselot. 

Let's get started😎

What funny gift ideas can I give my friends?

Ah birthdays! They can be so fun but the pre-birthday hassle of finding the perfect gift is quite a task. Something sentimental, something personal, something that can bring a smile? What can possibly have all these three combinations in one?

Shed all your worries away and find the perfect gift for your friend(s) from our Funny Collection. Ranging from funny t-shirt prints, funny spiral notebooks, funny mugs prints, it would be impossible for you not to find the gift to bring a smile (or laugh) to a friend’s face.

Create memories over funny lines, they are sure to last a lifetime!

Where can you get coffee mugs with funny quotes?

They say you can tell a lot about a person’s personality from their coffee mug. Mine says, “Commas save lives” I wonder what yours says?

Looking for a replacement for your overused coffee mug? How about a dose of funniness with every sip? Haha, find the perfect coffee mug with funny quotes from our Funny Collection and start every coffee session with a smile on your face and content in your heart!

One joke a day, keeps the doctor away (that’s how the saying goes, right?!)

Where to find the best funny dog merch online?

Sense of humour and a dog lover? Wow, that is the ideal combination for me. 

As a way to return the gesture for that one person in your life who is effortlessly good with humor and doggos, find the perfect gift for them from our Dog inspired Funny Collection. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on this one.

Cute doggos and laughs? That is irreplaceable 🐶💓

Where can I get best sarcastic coffee mugs online?

This always reminds me of that one friend where we can both be hella sarcastic and get the conversation going on and on for forever! 

Since we all love a dose of sarcasm, Muselot is where you can find the best sarcastic mugs online. 

Sexy donut, or couch potato, or simply a lifetime service of sarcasm? Say no more, let your printed mug do the talking!

Where do you get cool funny printed t-shirts in India?

Printed t-shirts are the GOAT! Period!

Are you on the lookout for cool funny printed t-shirts? You have come to the right place. Made with a dash of humour, a spoonful of sarcasm and a load of creativity Muselot offers you the best funny printed t-shirts online

Not just that, our t-shirts are made of 100% combed cotton with a classic fit giving you the best of comfort and style! 

Wear your humour with pride, today and everyday :P

Where to get the funny printed hoodies online?

Winter has arrived and that means hoodie time! Fight the cold by sharing laughs and smiles by wearing up one of our printed hoodies from our Funny Collection!  

Made with 100% cotton and printed with the classic Inkjet Technology, our hoodies are comfy and stylish! 

They say, nothing fights the cold better than a good laugh ;)

Hope we see you again at Muselot! (share us a joke or two when you stop by)