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There's something timeless about a plain t-shirt. It's like a canvas that can adapt to any style, whether it’s the classic combo of a plain white t-shirt paired with blue denims for both men and women, or a plain black t-shirt layered under a chic dress. And let's not forget the effortless cool of a plain white t-shirt teamed with navy shorts. At Muselot, we're dedicated to blending comfort with style through our collection of plain t-shirts for men and women, aiming to add some fun (and comfy) options to your wardrobe.

How to style a plain t-shirt?
A plain t-shirt is an essential piece in every closet. Here are 5 ways to style your plain t-shirt for any occasion:

Denim Days: A plain t-shirt with denim is a fail-proof match. From skinny jeans to bell bottoms, and joggers to shorts, it’s a look that stays fresh.

Layer Lover: Start with a plain t-shirt and layer up. Try a tank top over it, add a chunky sweater, a denim jacket, or even an overcoat for a striking look.

Casual Crop: Transform a plain t-shirt into a cute crop top with a simple front knot. Pair it with shorts, and add a fanny pack or sling bag for a casual day out.

Boho Vibes: A plain white or black t-shirt is the ultimate choice for a boho look. Match it with a midi printed skirt, chunky jewelry, and a hat for timeless style.

Formal Flair: A white plain t-shirt can be the base for a formal outfit. Pair it with a suit or tailored skirt to create a polished look.

DIY ideas for plain t-shirts?
Revive your plain t-shirts with these 3 DIY ideas:

Paint Your Passion: Unleash your creativity with fabric paint to give your plain t-shirt a personal touch.

Tie-Dye Trend: Refresh any plain t-shirt with a vibrant tie-dye pattern for a trendy update.

Embroidery Enthusiast: Add a unique touch to your plain t-shirt with some embroidery for a personalized look.

How can an old t-shirt be put to use?
Think beyond the wardrobe; here are 5 creative ways to repurpose an old t-shirt:

Quilted Memories: Turn them into a cozy blanket.

Tote-ally Cool: Transform them into handy tote bags.

Decor Delights: Create wall hangings for a personal touch.

Crochet Crafts: Upcycle them into a crochet rug.

Pet Playthings: Make a toy for your furry friends.

How to convert a plain t-shirt into a printed t-shirt at home?
Transform your plain t-shirt into a custom printed masterpiece with these steps:

Get a t-shirt transfer paper.

Choose a high-quality image for your design.

Print the image and cut it out.

Iron your plain t-shirt to prepare it for transfer.

Apply the printout and iron over it to transfer the design.

Let it cool, then peel away the paper to reveal your new printed t-shirt.

What's the most popular t-shirt color sold?
Black, white, navy, grey, and red are among the most popular t-shirt colors, with a plain black t-shirt being a universal favorite in closets everywhere.

What is the best plain T-shirt for women for everyday wear?
Comfort is key for everyday wear. Plain t-shirts for women that are soft, well-fitted, and slightly stretchy are ideal for any day. A plain black t-shirt is a versatile staple for every wardrobe.

Why should you choose our t-shirts?
At Muselot, we blend comfort with style, offering a wide range of colors in sizes from S to 5XL. Our products are made with care for the environment, using water-based, biodegradable, and non-toxic inks, aiming to bring smiles to your daily life, one comfy t-shirt at a time :)