10 Secret Tips For Girls To Style A T-Shirt And Spice Up The Looks


One of the best outfits to have in your wardrobe is a printed t-shirt, right?  Trust  me, be it a plain t-shirt or a printed one, you can literally wear it  anywhere  and anytime. And the best part is you can never be wrong in  selecting a t-shirt.

But no doubt the biggest challenge you face is how to style t-shirts. Where you can style t-shirts to give you a low-key classic vibe, the same t-shirt can offer you a fantastic chic look.

And did I mention that though there are different ways to wear a t-shirt, it will always be comfy?

But before we look further, there is one great insight for you.

The Grand View Research shared a report that suggests the global custom t-shirt printing market size was USD 3.64 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Well, I have one big question for you all now. How many of you end up styling graphic tees with jeans only?

I was one for sure, but recently I came across some fantastic style tips that can help you with styling t-shirt in unique ways.

Sounds great, right! So, here are top t-shirt wearing styles that you would surely love to try.

Top 10 T-Shirt Styling Tips

It's time to say goodbye to the age-old question of how to dress up a t-shirt with these amazing style tips. So, here we go:

Style Tip 1: Tucked in a t-shirt with wide jeans

It might sound a bit old school, but trust me, this is one of the best ways to dress up a t-shirt. A tucked-in graphic tee paired with wide-leg jeans or chino trousers with pointed-toe loafers, the look is going to be super cool and perfect chic.

The best variety of graphic tee for this look can be simple word print like All you need is love and Coffee.

Style Tip 2: Go chic with a crop t-shirt and fitted jeans with shoes.

One of my favorites, this is genuinely one of the cute ways to wear a t-shirt. Paired with high-waist or straight-leg jeans and classy shoes, the look is great for going to a party with friends or a small brunch.

But if you don't have a crop t-shirt, try folding your printed t-shirt in a sheer but asymmetrical manner.

Style Tip 3: Plain t-shirt with plaid skirt and heels.

When in doubt, going with the basics is the main idea behind this look. Contrast your looks with a plain t-shirt, plaid skirt and bold heels to create a style statement.

White plain t-shirt with a brown plaid skirt and red heels is how to style a t-shirt most commonly.

Style Tip 4: Smart semi-formal by combining a t-shirt with a blazer.

The perfect business-cum-pleasure way to style t-shirt is to style one with an oversized or fitted blazer. It is indeed your answer to styling  graphic tee.

And don't worry, you can select from a simple message printed tee like Coffee to go or even go with your choice of t-shirt like one with classic prints of yoga or my favorite, the furry friend print.

Style Tip 5: Shorts, t-shirts, and sports shoes can never go wrong.

Beating the summer heat with shorts, a classic printed t-shirt, and sports shoes is my favorite for summers.

A comfortable outfit to wear all day long that gives you an edgy and cool look, this is simple to attain.

Styling graphic tees of all shades with blue-toned shorts and white shoes are best indeed.

Style Tip 6: Power your t-shirt with a power suit.

This style is perfect with classic t-shirts focused on positivity, like ones with a print that says, grow positive thoughts.

Select any shade of overall power suit like placid blue or white tone and add a contrasting shade of t-shirt like white or grey with a smart bag, and there you go.

Not only does this look make you appear simple and classy, but it is great for business meetings too.

Style Tip 7: T-shirt with printed or tutu skirt for a girly look.

If you are looking for one of the best t-shirt wearing styles, then this is just perfect.

The beachy look with floral printed skirt and t-shirt or a simple t-shirt with tutu skirt, either way, you are going to rock the party.

My personal favorite is a tea adventure printed t-shirt with a black colored printed skirt.

Style Tip 8: Simple t-shirt with a bustier for a pumped-up look.

T-shirts with bustiers are so graceful and make you look even prettier and enhance your physique.

And the best part is you can select any printed t-shirt of your choice under the bustier for styling.

It is one of the cute ways to wear a t-shirt of any pattern, design, print, or color. Great, right!

Style Tip 9: Select the oversized t-shirt to style with shorts or track pants.

A choice that is comfortable and can never go wrong, this is an excellent tip for you.

Select the oversized t-shirt or a boyfriend t-shirt and catch it up with the shorts or track pants.

To accessorize, you can use a waist belt to give it a bit flowy look and classic flats with shorts. Try to get the oversized animal printed like Dog lover printed t-shirt as this would look truly classy.

Style Tip 10: Get all dressy with a t-shirt and open shirt.

I am sure most of you must have tried this look, but if not, you will be amazed at the results. So, how to wear a shirt? Well, it is usually wearing a shirt for the formal look but it is truly an old way of styling.

Try styling graphic tee with an oversized open shirt instead of a jacket with folded sleeves. You would surely love this look.

Let me share with you a secret combination here. Try black jeans or shorts with a white printed t-shirt like one with You, me, and a cup of tea, and add a red-black checkered shirt in an open style. Voila! There you go.


I am sure these different ways to wear a t-shirt must have blown your mind. Seriously, you can wear one single printed t-shirt in so many ways and on different occasions. Wow! That is undoubtedly a power pack idea.

Whether you are hitting out for a girl's night out or are going on a date, styling graphic tee is simplest. So, which is your favorite style tip to try next? Share in the comments below, and yes, do not forget to check out the beautiful and personalized print on t-shirts.

Start sharing these excellent styling t-shirt tips with your girls and be the influencer all are waiting for!


1] How to style a graphic tee?

If you are looking for an evergreen way of styling graphic tees, then shorts or a power look with a power suit are classic.

There are indeed hundreds of ways to style a graphic tee. The best one is that which aligns your personality with the look that you are trying for.

2] How to style a plain t-shirt?

Plain t-shirts are indeed the simplest to style. You can wear them with a simple plaid skirt or a tutu skirt for a chic look.

Also, you can wear a plain t-shirt with a jacket and boots for a classic formal look.

Always remember to style as per the occasion, and your plain t-shirt will look perfect.

3] How should T-shirts fit?

You must get an adequately fitted printed t-shirt for a great look. It should sit perfectly on the shoulder and should not give you a bulgy look.

At the same time, it should be stretched unnecessarily when you move your arms. But if you are looking for an oversized t-shirt for a cozy look, just get one with a size over your true one.

 4] Can I wear t-shirts with formal pants?

Definitely! It is one fantastic look to carry around. Styling a t-shirt with formal pants gives you a semi-formal look that is perfect for business as well as an evening party with office colleagues.

Ensure to wear simple heels with the attire to add a unique level of charm, and yes, style statement jewelry is great.

 5] Which color t-shirt goes with all occasions?

The evergreen white or black t-shirts are great for all occasions. They are not loud and look decent while enhancing your overall look.

If you are looking for some choice, you can get light pink, yellow, or grey shade, which is fantastic with every style, occasion, and time of the day.

6] How to style a t-shirt with a skirt?

You can style a plain or printed t-shirt with a plaid skirt and high heels or with a printed /skater skirt and shoes. Either way, the look will be perfect charmer.

While many might think that style a t-shirt with a skirt is very difficult, that's not true. Trust me; it is effortless.

7] Which t-shirt looks better with a dark blue blazer?

If you wonder which color t-shirt will look best with a dark blue blazer, then the first choice is white followed by black and light shades of grey or blue.

Additionally, a striped t-shirt or one with solid print is also a great choice to make when styling a t-shirt with a dark blue blazer.

8] How to style my plain black t-shirt?

Black is the best choice to make, and trust me; it goes with every color or dress-up.

So, if you have a black plain t-shirt, then you can literally wear it with jeans, chinos, skirt, shorts, or even with a light-shaded bustier. No style can go wrong with the plain black t-shirt, ever.

9] Can chinos be worn with a t-shirt?

Yes! Chinos go perfectly with a t-shirt. You can dress up the chinos with white, grey, maroon, or navy blue-toned t-shirts and try wearing simple sneakers with the attire. We are sure everyone is going to love this look of yours.

10] What pants should I wear for a white t-shirt?

White t-shirts look great with the majority of the pants. But the best ones are blue, black, and brown. These will give you a glamorous look and add a high level of class and decency to your overall style.

11] What color T-shirts go with black track pants?

It is important to focus on contrasting shades rather than matching tones to attain better looks when styling. So, if you are wearing black track pants, then white or grey t-shirt is the perfect choice to make. Also, you can try red or pink too if you are looking to go bold a bit.

12] What T-shirt goes with deep blue track pants?

The deep blue track pants perfectly match with a white or grey t-shirt. Black t-shirts also look great, but it is better to go for contrasting shades rather than going all dark shaded attire.

13] What t-shirt to wear with dark grey sweatpants?

When pairing the dark grey sweatpants with a t-shirt, make white or black your first choice.

The classic look that this combination will offer has no match. Next, you can try the navy blue t-shirt or sometimes dark green shade, which also looks great with grey sweatpants.

14] Which pants suit black t-shirts?

Black t-shirts with light-colored jeans are the look to go for. One can select chinos of almost any color like sky blue, pink, white, or any other placid color to style with black t-shirts.

15] What color pants would match a grey t-shirt?

The Grey t-shirt looks perfect with black colored pants. You can even try khaki or shades of blue in denim to style a grey t-shirt.

And well, you again choose to select vivid colors like pastels or yellow, which are in trend right now.

16] In the summer, can I wear a full-sleeve T-shirt?

Of course, you can! T-shirts are soft and comfortable, so even wearing a full sleeve t-shirt during summer will be comfortable.

Wearing a 100% cotton based full-sleeves t-shirt will also save your arms from tanning in summers which is great. But selecting a short-sleeved t-shirt will be better as it will help to keep cool and stay classy in summer attires.




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