15 tips to recycle and creatively use the broken mugs

15 Broken Mug Craft You Never Thought Existed!


What will you do if you have a broken mug at home?

I am sure that most of you will plan to throw away the broken mugs into the dustbin. Right?

But what if I suggest you upcycle them and create something unique and new out of them?

Fascinating right! Well, this is true indeed. You can repurpose broken mugs into various beautiful pieces of art that will add to the aesthetics of your house.

You must have heard the concept of "best out of waste."

That's precisely what I am talking about here. If you are facing what to do with the old mugs issue, read this article and find some fantastic solutions. The craft with coffee cups is one amazing way to redecorate your house while reducing waste generation.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the amazing uses of cups, and I am sure you will be amazed to know the immense possibilities of recycling coffee mugs.

15 Tips To Recycle Broken Mugs

15 tips to recycle broken coffee mugs

What to do with a broken mug? This is the last time that you might ask this question. So, here are excellent ways to repurpose coffee mugs and add a unique level of charm to your household:

Tip 1: Mugs Turned Candle Holders.

Trust me; this is one of the best mug uses that you will come across. A perfect decorative idea, this adds a unique charm to your room.

Also, you will be free from the worry of any kind of spill or leak. And using coffee mugs as candle holders will allow you the ease of carrying them anywhere.

Tip 2: Mugs For Your Personal Herb Garden.

Broken mug used as a personal herb garden

The broken mug craft is no less than a boon for all those who love to add aromatic herbs to their cuisine daily.

Also, plants can make people happy, and if you have a broken coffee mug that says the same, well, you have everything you need for your mini-garden then.

Tip 3: Mugs Mosaics Are Unique.

broken mug turned into a beautiful mosaic pot

Sometimes, you will have just the broken pieces of mugs or a mug that is highly damaged. Well, no need to throw that away as you can recycle coffee mugs of any type.

Break the cup into pieces and set it as the mosaic in your garden, create mosaic pots, or create an abstract mosaic art to place on the wall.

Ensure to seal the gap between the pieces by using white cement or POP to avoid sharp edges. Trust me, the bright colours of mugs will not disappoint you.

Tip 4: Mug-a-bowl, Your Soup Partner.

Broken mug turned into a soup bowl

The hot bowl of soup with some croutons during the lovely chilly evening is heavenly. The broken coffee mugs can be recycled as bowls as well.

With the creativity unlocked printed mugs, you just need to scrub the edges to avoid sharpness, and your cozy soup bowl is ready.

Tip 5: Mugs To Hold Pen Or Spoon.

Broken mug used as a pencil stand

We all need the pen holders or the spoon holders on the table. But tell me, how many of you are bored with your old holders?

Well, if so, then this craft with coffee cups will be a perfect choice for you. Add some bright design, paste some lace or flowers, or let your imagination go wild to create the most width="100%" height="200" amazing coffee mug based pen holder in minutes.

Tip 6: Mugs Lamps Are Charming.

Broken mug turned into a creative lamp

To upcycle household items to create something new and different is always one of the best ideas.

With just a little imagination, you can use the broken mug to create smart lamps. The mug lamps not only look beautiful, but since they all are of different shapes, they add a quirky vibe too.

Tip 7: Mugs Can Be An Amplifier.

Broken mug being used as an amplifier

If you love listening to loud music, the broken coffee mugs are perfect for you. This is indeed the most straightforward idea to recycle them.

You can place your mobile in the broken mug and play any kind of retro music or even jazz to have needless fun. And guess what?

This is one with no hassle; you just need to clean your coffee paint, add a little paint, and there it is ready.

Tip 8: Mugs As Bird Feeder.

Broken mug turned into a bird feeder

The sweet melodious chirping of the birds in the morning is the most blissful feeling that one can have. This indeed gives the best idea to perform craft with coffee cups.

You can smoothen the edges of the cup and hang it on a tree or place it at a place where birds can access it. Place the seeds in the cup and take your step to bake the world a better place.

Tip 9: Mugs Are The Keepers.

broken mugs preserved as keepers

There is someone in the family who will ensure that all your things are in the right place. Well, the broken coffee mugs are some.

You can decorate them a little and keep them on your table or near the entry door. This will serve as a bowl to keep the change, bills, or even keys without actually missing them ever again.

Tip 10: Mugs To Bake Cake.

Broken mugs used to bake cake

Cakes are great, but cupcakes are even better. One of the uses of the most exemplary mug allows you to bake mini cakes for your friends and family with some icing and cherry on the top.

The delicious and small cake is not only cute, but when baked in bake someone happy cup, it turns out to be even more charming.

Tip 11: Mugs Can Be Your Personal Bin.

broken mug turned into a personal bin

It is not happening to permanently move out of your room to throw small things in the dustbin, and keeping the big ugly bin in the room is terrible.

So, if you have a broken coffee mug, you can create something today, which is a small bin on your table to put your pencil sharpener and other things.

Tip 12: Mugs Turned Flower Pots.

Broken mug turned into a beautiful flower pot

Do not confuse these with the herb garden. You can paint the broken coffee mugs with bright colours and arrange them on the corner shelf or on the balcony to grow the contrasting shades of flowers.

Not only will this look beautiful, but it will also improve the look of your balcony garden.

Tip 13: Mugs For Shovel Are Great.

Broken mug used as a shovel for gardening

If you have a broken mug and you love to work in your garden, then you have a great tool ready for you.

The mug can be used as a shovel to toil the soil without getting your hands dirty.

As for many, life begins after tea; this cup will help you turn your garden greener and more beautiful.

Tip 14: Mugs Are Your Yoga Partners.

Broken mug used by yogis as an incense stick holder

Seriously! Are they? Well, yes. If you are one who is into yoga and love to cherish this morning ritual daily, then you can repurpose coffee mugs to hold the aromatic incense sticks while you practice meditation.

Move into the heavily meditated mode with this great repurpose idea and enjoy your daily life.

Tip 15: Mugs As Microwave Platform

Broken mugs used to create a microwave platform

Well, this is something that will be of relatively high utility when done correctly. Using the broken mugs in the microwave to heat the food items or as a base to place plates for complete heating, this idea will save you a tonne.

PS, If you have a small pup or a small pet at your home, then the broken cup might serve them as their hiding place after giving it the proper finishing touches.

It is surely going to look super adorable.

Benefits Of Recycling

Indeed there are practically hundreds of ways to upcycle household items. Starting from the broken mugs to plates, you can literally repurpose anything to everything.

But if you are still wondering the top reasons to recycle or the benefits you will get when recycling, then look no further.

Here are the top benefits of recycling:

  • It is the best way to declutter your space.
  • It reduces unwanted waste generation.
  • It helps to reduce the carbon footprints.
  • It helps in sustainable development, which is a must.
  • It reduces the pressure on the existing resources.
  • It offers plenty of scopes to save money by reusing old things.

Though there are even more reasons to summarise following the 3R's of sustainability that includes reducing, reusing, and recycling, one can actually positively impact society.


I am sure that these amazing ways to repurpose coffee mugs must have amazed you. Infact, think about it; a single broken coffee mug can actually serve you hundreds of purposes; you just need to have the imagination to use it and there you go.

So, whether you have a simple fantasy bibliomaniac printed coffee mug or are in possession of a power-packed, never give up coffee mug; you can actually transform it into a piece of art, depending on your personal choice and selection.

So, what are you waiting for? Start extracting those broken coffee mugs from your shelf and let your imagination go loose to repurpose coffee mugs amazingly.

And don't forget to share some of your ideas; we are more than happy to connect and know what you think!


1] Why should you reuse broken mugs?

When you reuse broken mugs, you are investing in sustainability and are helping to reduce the waste generated by households.

Following simple tips for redesigning and recreating amazing items from coffee mugs can help declutter your space and create something unique.

2] What other household items can you recycle?

Practically, you can recycle every single piece from the household.

To upcycle household items, you can follow various suggestions available over Pinterest and create amazing art pieces in no time.

3] Can you fix a broken cup easily at home?

It totally depends on the crack on the coffee mug. If the crack is small and can be fixed with some glue, then fixing the broken coffee mug is very simple.

But sometimes, it can be challenging to fix them, so recycling coffee mugs plays a prominent role.

4] What all things you need when planning to use broken mugs creatively?

Well, there are actually hundreds of things that you can do with the broken mugs. The things you need to mend the same will depend on what you are planning to do with the cup.

There are hundreds of ideas available on Pinterest. But primarily, you will need a disinfectant to clean, a cloth to wipe, some colours, and maybe a little sparkle to add charm.

5] Is it safe to reuse the broken mugs at home?

Yes, it is safe to reuse the broken mugs in the house. But before you plan to reuse, make sure to clean them profoundly and use a proper disinfectant to wipe out all the germs from the same.

You can practically reuse any printed mug with ease.



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