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How do you know if someone loves you?

We can fall for any person on this planet at any given time. 

They don’t have to be in the same society, house, city, or country. Well, dear readers, that’s the power of social media and the internet these days.  

But let’s zoom into the next step after we realise that we are falling for someone.  

What might that be?  

Your guess is right. You have to know if they are really into you or not. You are curious, impatient, restless, and feeling that all-time high. Isn’t it? Smooth? Not so much! 

In the end, this virus-like feeling at the core of our gut ends when we know the truth.  

What truth?  

The truth about the other person liking us the same way or not.  

For that, you can observe these 5 core measures to find out if someone really loves you. These measures will show you the real mirror. And it works even for those people you haven’t even met yet! 

Quite fantastic, yeah? 

1.  Note the time they take to reply you

This is a real-time deal. If the person is busy, not giving you enough time, or even ghosting you,

they won’t bother talking to you too much. 

However, if the other person is slightly bit more interested even in your friendship, they will

always be courteous enough to reply on time.  

But to be romantically interested in you, there will be a positive response from their end too.  

For instance, you both will talk a lot more than necessary initially and after a few months down the line. Time is just another word for you both when it comes to communication.  

You both will see that you can count on each other while making plans, talking to each other,

meeting up, and doing other “couple-things”.

2.  You must feel yourself in front of them and so must they

Such a bond is rare but special. 

In retrospect, check whether you can tell the person you like anything out of your pandora's box.

Or not? 

Can they do the same with you? Do you feel that they are open about everything going on in their life with you? 

Test the theory by asking them some personal or slightly uncomfortable questions when you feel that your bond is growing. 

If they don’t mind sharing such stuff with you at the beat of their heart, you mean something or more than something to them.

3.  Keep the conversation straightforward

When you know that there is fire from both ends but still unsure, don’t prolong. Ask the

questions you wish to about your relationship and bond with the person.  

Prepare yourself (mind) for any answer.   At least, in the end, you will be clear. Your mind won’t wander off-track. 

You will know whether the other person is worthy of investing your true and emotional feelings or attachment.  

Asking them the right questions like:

  •  Do you like/love me? 
  • Do you feel anything for me? 
  • Do you think or comprehend taking this relationship or bond to the next level? 
  • Can we have a future together? 
  • Am I just a fling to you? 

Then, the matters will be better in your heart and mind. 

If they are vague, they’re confused. It means they are either leading you on, or they haven’t thought about it. 

At this point, you have to decide. Will you wait for them to be sure? Or will you move on? 

And if their answer is positive, then you both can enjoy this new beginning together. 

Then, think of ways to make this relationship better each day. Let it grow stronger, more

positive, and the best-thing-ever possibly to have happened in both of your lives. 

4.  Share a serious problem and see their response

People get closer to each other in dark times. That’s quite true. 

In retrospection, you will find such instances in your life too. You will always remember those

who helped in your dark periods of life.  

Similarly, to know if the other person has certain feelings for you, make use of the dark times of your life. See if they care and lend you their best possible helping hand or not.  

This is a chance occurrence. I wish this actually never happens to everyone. But I’d be lying then. Every one of us goes through dark, depressive, and despondent times in life.  

And whenever you are feeling low, blue, or gray, seek help and advice from that person.  

Also, check whether that person is considering your advice whenever they feel out of space.  

If the feelings are reciprocated, the true sense of sharing and caring will be from both ends. 

5.  Let the actions match the words

This is a very technical method that requires your sharp and strong observation. 

Note the words in terms of guarantees or promises given to you by the other person and match their words with their action. Do they match? 

Or are they saying something entirely different than what they do in this friendship or relationship?  

If there is a chasm between the conversations you both share and how they act towards you, they are not serious for you.  

However, if words and actions by them are equal, you’ve got a match

It will then be a positive sign for taking things forward with the person you like. 

For example: 

  •  They will say and make plans to meet you. 
  •  They will say and, of course, invite you to their friend circle and parties. 
  • When they say they will be there for you, they mean it. You test it, and they pass smoothly. 
  • When they say they won’t tell anyone, your secrets will be safe even in their grave! 
  • When they say like you/miss you, you know. How? They prove it with their actions depicting - Love & Care.


Nilakshi Garg is a well-known author of a contemporary romance novel called "Mirage".  The book has bagged 50k downloads all over India since its launch in January 2020. 

Nilakshi is also an owner of a pop-culture website called 

She is a guest blogger and a self-employed who indulges herself in writing scripts for short movies/ series, and versatile content for other websites or bloggers on any niche with proper research and command. 

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