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How reading books and novels improve mental capabilities?

As a well-published author, I have so much to tell you young and new readers about novels and books. I will sum it up quickly in a few words and not let you be bored. 

And if you are an avid reader, you will love the hidden or lesser-known importance of reading books or novels.  I am quoting these pointers from my personal experience and online research. 


Reading a full-fledged novel isn’t ever easy until and unless you have the interest to read it till the end. 

Without you wanting to know the entire journey of the protagonist/antagonist, it's impossible to finish reading a book. 


Reading non-fiction novels (memoirs, autobiographies, and biographies) takes you inside the most challenging stories of successful or unsuccessful public personalities.  

 You learn how a single person can grow and chisel his or her personality. 

Without knowing, you compare your life with theirs from mere black lines on a parched paper or an electronic device (kindle).  

 Then, you comprehend the real extent of issues and problems once people faced centuries or decades. This point of view is necessary to value and respect the freedom and resources you have now.  

 It makes you a gentler, more respectable, and more elegant human being.   You will begin to respect and feel the real emotions of: 

  •  Public personalities  
  • Businessmen/women 
  • Those who are self-made 
  • Homemakers 
  • Young achievers 
  • Victims and strugglers 

 And each story gives you a particular lesson. You will never forget that lesson ever in your life if it touches your heart. 


Often, we don’t get enough brief on how to improve our creativity. That’s what I am speaking from experience for aspiring and debut authors.  

 But when you read books and novels regularly, it somehow stimulates your brain cells.  

 While reading good lines and good books, your creativity juices improve inside your brain/mind.  

 Then, you learn to develop your own world in your mind as an aspiring, new, or a published author.  

 So, reading novels & books always comes in handy when you are reading highly creative lines to convey simpler and the most complex emotions. 


Novels and books come in handy for those who want to learn a particular genre or subject. 

You can read books of specific genres like romance, horror, thriller, biographies, and more.  

 After having read more than 50-100 novels of a particular genre, you will know the common features and inputs of those novels.  

 You can then guide others with the same points. This can be entirely your personal judgement and observation before finishing to read those novels regularly.  

 Tip: Read best-seller novels of a genre to become its subject-matter expert. 


At times like lockdown and worldwide pandemic, reading novels on positivity and mental health helps. 

How? -- You may ask. 

 Well, surely you can! 

 Mental health and awareness are the most talked about topics right now.  

 People are constantly talking about it. But some are really manipulating mental illness for their benefits.  

 In the midst of a deluge of tweaked information, it’s best to read mental health novels by licensed and dignified psychologists or psychiatrists.  

 From these novels, improve your emotional and intelligence quotient. Know the answers to questions like:

  • Why is anyone ever sad and always looking for happiness?
  • Why is anyone ever sad and always looking for happiness?
  • How to overcome depression? 
  • What’s the major difference between depression and schizophrenia? 
  • What type of diet must a young adult (male and female) eat to stow away from mental issues? 
  • What is the meaning of social detox? Is it necessary? And how to do so? 
  • What is the meaning of delayed gratification and stoicism? How are these philosophies necessary in one’s modern life? 
  • How to manage time alone when you are locked inside the house during a lockdown? 
  • How to manage PTSDs and panic attacks?
These are very common mental health questions you must know the answer to in the midst of the digital era.  

 Once you get the answers to such questions, become self-aware, self-confident, and quite independent and liberated from half-baked social stigmas. 


Nilakshi Garg is a well-known author of a contemporary romance novel called "Mirage". 

The book has bagged 50k downloads all over India since its launch in January 2020. 

Nilakshi is also an owner of a pop-culture website called  

She is a guest blogger and a self-employed who indulges herself in writing scripts for short movies/ series, and versatile content for other websites or bloggers on any niche with proper research and command. 

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