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Life has its ups and downs, we call them squats. Ideal fitness-themed printed merchandise for those obligatory gym selfies and fitness motivation. 

Shop printed t shirts, printed hoodies, printed mugs, printed notebooks, and more dedicated to fitness freaks.🤸‍♂️



Things always take a good turn when you decide to put your well-being first.

That may be wearing the clothes you have always been too shy to try out and wear, or starting that independent business you have perfectly dreamed of in your head (for so long), or trying out food you have sworn to never eat, or maybe travelling alone for the new year.

The best part is that you get to choose that one (or two, or three :P) thing that will make you feel the most yourself and make you happy.

If, however fitness is that recipe of happiness for you, well aye aye welcome on board to Muselot’s Fitness Freaks Collection page.

Discover the hidden gems that we have wholeheartedly crafted for you and may your fitness journey be blessed with our merchandise (to motivate and cheer you all along the way!)

The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow🙌

What fabric is best for the gym?

Polyester, Nylon and cotton are the best fabric for workout clothes. They are wrinkle resistant and moisture-wicking. And yes these materials are super lightweight (you would not want any extra unnecessary lifting).

And don’t forget to put that funny gym t-shirt in your duffle bag on your way out!

If you have not got one already, why not search through our Fitness Freak Collection? Find the perfect fitness freak printed t-shirt to accompany you to the gym (or your bedroom). Who said workouts can only be done at the gym?

Where can you get a gym motivation t-shirt in India?

Sometimes a little positive nudge goes a long way. So, for that reason we have come up with the best, premium quality fitness gym motivation printed t-shirt especially for you. 

If cycling (and the miles are your meditation) or cardio or push ups are your go-to “calm me downs”, then I would highly recommend you have a look at our fitness motivation t-shirts for men and women!

And yes, fitness is a personal journey, and we totally respect that. It is with best efforts that we have tried to represent every possible workout in our fitness freaks merchandise. We hope you find one that suits you!

Where can I find best funny fitness mugs online?

I don’t know about you, but I love my mugs (a lot). It's just a great way to start my day with a good mindset, even if that means being inspired and motivated by my printed mug!

Are you also looking for the perfect fitness themed mug? You can find yours right here at Muselot! Our ceramic mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe with 330 ml capacity, perfect for daily use!

If it is tea, coffee or protein shake, our gym lover mugs are ready to be your source of fitness motivation for life!

What to gift someone who is a fitness freak?

Is your gym partner’s birthday coming up soon? Let me take a guess here. 

You are not quite sure what to get them (yet). I’m sure you have got ideas and might have got a gift already, but you are thinking that maybe you can get them something along the lines of a fitness motivation merch🤔

To bring an end to your dilemma, I present to you our Fitness Freak Collection. Ranging from fitness print mugs, fitness motivation t-shirt, fitness freaks hoodies and fitness motivation sweatshirts, you are definitely going to find the perfect personalised (and unique) gift! 

Heck, it does not have to be a birthday! Everyone loves getting gifts, especially if they are personalised (what a way to make someone feel special). Fitness checklist, here we come!

What can be the best gifts for a fitness freak or a guy who loves gym?

If music is the universal language, then I believe that t-shirts and mugs are the universal products that tie us all together! 

Grab the perfect fitness gift mugs and fitness motivation printed t-shirts for him only at Muselot! I assure you, we do our best to give you the absolute best of both worlds in quality and design. 

Searching for gifts has never been this easy!

What to get a girl who loves the gym?

For this I must suggest that any funny or motivational fitness print will be perfect! The options are endless, but nothing beats the classic fitness themed mugs! (the safest option)

But, if you know someone a bit better then we also have a range of fitness themed products; t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that can make awesome, sentimental and yes, funny gifts!

They say if you get a smile out of a person with your gift, you have hit the nail in the head! (i bet our products can do that for you if you give them a chance)

Shop at Muselot, for the all time best and unique gifts!(that also includes gifts for yourself  :)) 

What are some great gift ideas for fitness freaks who love to travel?

Travelling can sometimes disrupt your fitness routine. But, that does not mean that you have to stop your workouts all together. 

If you are looking for gift ideas for a travel loving friend (including you), grab the best and personalized fitness prints right here at Muselot! 

Do you find yourself feeling a little behind on your workouts during your travels? We hope our fitness motivation merch can help to get up and about!

Travel, create adventure and workout! Sounds like a treat to me :D

What are the best fitness print sweatshirts for the gym?

Nothing beats a fitness motivation sweatshirt to accompany you in and out of the gym (definitely not while you are in the gym 😝). I know that the cold of Winter can make you feel sluggish and so-not-ready for the gym, but a little nudge from a fitness motivation sweatshirt can surely help!

Find your perfect fitness print sweatshirt for the gym at Muselot! Made with love in India, just for you!

What hurts now will one day be your warmup!💪