Collection: Plus size

The hardest part of being overweight, oftentimes, is not so much the actual weight, but how society makes it harder for people who ‘don’t fit the norm’ to be happy with their lives.

Women especially are made to feel like they have to be a certain size, and if they don’t fit within the ‘S’ to ‘L’ category, well, they have to deal with it and go to a tailor or wear really drab, unattractive plus-size clothing. We’ve had enough!

And Muselot is here to chuck all those anti plus-size notions out the window. 

If you’re an unapologetic body-positive person (or even if you’re not, the journey is all about acceptance and getting there!) who’s on the heavier side, we’ve put together the plain and printed t-shirts in this collection for you.  

Each of the plain and printed tees listed here is available in sizes up to 5XL and we are striving hard to introduce lots of other products like crop hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets in this collection in inclusive size ranges up to 7XL. So, stay tuned!