Collection: Mugs

Sip your favourite beverages in these inspiring and cute printed mugs. All printed mugs are 11 oz i.e. approximately 350 ml capacity sufficient to be used as a coffee or tea mugs. Each mug is microwavable and dishwasher safe and printed with 3D sublimation printing technology. All mugs have a swanky glossy finish so that each sip feels gentle on the lips.



Are you a morning person? 

Or do you identify yourself as a nocturnal species?

(I cannot choose, it changes too much)

But, this is one thing I know for sure. I love my tea sessions. Morning, evening or late night they are my sanity’s holy grail. And the best part is that I get to sip out hot chai from the best printed mugs with the most creative designs.

If its a morning rush I am trying to beat, or a chill evening where I am watching a Youtube vlog or the late night where I try my best to complete my work, I always know that I have the company of my favorite printed mug (always serving me hot beverages)

By the way, do you also drink cold drinks out of a coffee mug? No? Just me? Okay.

So what do you prefer? Coffee, tea or hot water? (no one is judging) Are you looking for the perfect and creatively designed printed mug (that can inspire and motivate you and bring a lil fun)? You have arrived at the perfect place.

At Muselot, we aim to create special (and comfy) moments out of the ordinary, daily routine of life. We really hope you find the perfect printed mug that matches your vibe and makes your beverage sessions extra comforting. 

Happy Beveraging! (kettle whistles)

When was the first mug made?

Some history facts for you. Before the mug you love took the form it is now, wood and animal skulls were used to drink out liquids. This meant that the need for mug use was realized early on.

Dating back around 10,000 B.C, mugs carved from bone were uncovered from China and Japan. Forward 5000 year later, pottery was the material used for making mugs

Metal mugs made of lead, bronze, gold and silver were made in 2000 B.C. Eventually, around the year 600, the invention of porcelain in China gave the final push for the advancement of mugs.    

What about coffee mugs?

Coffee mugs were in use since the Neolithic Period (3900 - 1700 B.C), but it was not until many years later that coffee was discovered

Read the history of coffee to find out how the coffee became a morning staple thousands of years after coffee originated.

Which mugs are microwave safe?

Generally, mugs made from ceramic or glass are microwave safe. Be sure to check for a microwave safe sign before putting any mug inside the microwave.

You’ll be glad to know that all our printed mugs are made from ceramic and are ready for the microwave any time. 

What size mug is best?

To answer this question best, I would have to first ask you, how much of a caffeine addict are you? :))

The classic coffee mug is anywhere between 8 to 15 Oz. So, it would all depend on your answer to the above question.

Our printed mug collection offers you the ideal 11 Oz mugs with 330 ml capacity. They are perfect for regular home use, at the office or in any coffee shop. Also, they come with unique prints on mugs.

Is a mug a good gift?

Yes, yes, yes. Personalized and with great utility, a mug makes a good gift idea for any occasion.

And if you like adding some thought into the mugs you are gifting, then our printed mug collection provides a range of cool, funny, sentimental, motivational printed mugs to choose from.

What's best is that they are all microwave safe! Bye, bye cold beverages!

Where can you get printed mugs online?

The perfect printed mug is not as easy to find despite that sea of printed mugs available online. There are just too many websites to choose from.

So, we have carefully crafted our printed mugs to give you the best of utility and creativity. We hope our printed mugs are what you are looking for to have those special moments every time you pick it up to have your beverage. Coffee (or tea) and comfort has never been so in tune!

They say that you can tell a lot about a person from their favourite coffee mug ;)

Are 3D printed sublimation mugs dishwashers safe?

Yes. Basically, sublimation mugs are specialized, glazed ceramic mugs that are made for printing and customizing.

Can you guess who’s mugs are dishwasher safe?

Aha! Yes, all our 3D printed mugs are dishwasher (and microwave) safe.

Rest your dish washing worries and pop our printed coffee mugs in the dishwasher so they will be ready for your next caffeine session.

How can you creatively repurpose a broken mug?

Ready to declutter your household items? Repurposing a broken mug is an easy and fun way to begin. Here are five tips you can creatively repurpose a broken mug:

  1. Turn your broken mug into a candle holder (cue the dinner dates)
  2. Broken mugs can be used as bird feeders (happy birds, happy life)
  3. Broken mugs as pencil stands? Yes (always a great idea) 
  4. Running out of flower pots? Turn your broken mugs into one! (aesthetic on point)
  5. Broken mugs are perfect for plant herbs (your kitchen garden is waiting)

How are mugs printed?

Five ways that mugs can be printed :

  • Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Direct Screen Printing 
  • Litho or Transfer Printing
  • Digital Printing 
  • Pad Painting 

I will be honest here that the 3d sublimation method is the best way to print mugs! Why? Because 3d sublimation technique adds a swanky glossy finish and, better yet, provides a crack free assurance! 

We are happy to let you know that all our printed mugs are printed using 3d sublimation technology, giving our printed mugs a glossy finish and a print that lasts a lifetime.

Which travel printed mugs are the best?

Finding the perfect printed mug is already a challenge. But finding the right mug that suits your personality and is durable is another challenge altogether.

For all you travelers out there, I highly recommend that you check out travel printed mugs. Made from ceramic, they are strong and brittle (to endure your frequent travels). But that’s not it, find your favorite print on mugs; one that inspires you and gets your adrenaline rushing for more!

Happy (and safe) travels! <3