Collection: Printed T- shirts

Express the person that you are and the interests you keep without having to speak. From numerous printed t-shirts for men and women on different themes, you will find something that is unique to your personality, something that you'll love or resonate with, simply put, something that will bring a smile to your face.


Plain t shirts are undoubtedly the limelight of attraction. However, printed t shirts are now the trend.

A plain t shirt is like a blank canvas for artists, individuals, and companies, where they can demonstrate their innovation. For example, a yogi loves the t shirts printed with yoga poses or meditation quotes

Printed t shirts for men and women have become a medium of a message. They feature a wide range of messages and emotions like motivational quotes, pet love, etc. 

Printed t shirts are everyone’s favorite because of the artwork and message that these cotton wonders feature.

Bringing out the fusion of beautiful prints with quirky and bold quotes, the printed t-shirts offered at Muselot liberate the unique level of creativity and offer you an amazing look to stand out from the crowd. Offering you the exotic and perfect look for every occasion, the printed t-shirt collection is all you need to style your way through every day.

Interest based graphic designs 

While we were on a hunt for a printed t shirt that effectively expresses our personality or interests, we couldn't find one. 

The internet was full of printed t shirts with pop culture prints and famous movie or tv show prints.

So, we decided to fill this gap. 

At Muselot, you will find printed t shirts on your simple interests like enjoying a cup of coffee, doing yoga, reading books, loving your pet, etc.

Pick your favorite color graphic t shirt

While choosing the best graphic tees, getting your favorite color is probably the first preference. It is said that color affects an individual’s mood, and mood decides on the Graphic t shirt you will wear.

We have printed t shirts in a variety of colors. Be it groovy red, classy black, elegant white, subtle pink or royal blue, etc. we have t shirts in all trendy colors.

What's best is if you find one printed t shirt that is not available in the color of your choice, you can mention the color you would want your selected printed t shirt to be in from the below mentioned t shirt colors in the "notes section" on the cart page. And we will get the custom color t shirt ready for you at no extra cost. 

T shirt colors we offer - Black, butter yellow, charcoal grey, coffee brown, golden yellow, light pink, maroon, liril green, melange grey, mustard yellow, navy blue, olive green, orange, red, sky blue, royal blue, white.

No compromise with fabric quality

Choosing the best of fabrics is a defining factor while choosing your t shirts. A good fabric should keep you comfortable when you sweat and let you feel the freshness in the sun’s scorching heat. Additionally, it provides a pleasant experience and also ensures the durability of your t shirts. A lot of individuals prefer cotton than synthetic fabrics like rayon or nylon.

T shirts are generally used during the summers. And, you must have a good collection of cotton t shirts to embrace the summers.

With a perfect blend of affordable and comfortable attributes, Muselot makes the finest fabrics in the market. And, the additional good news is that we never compromise on our style. Made with 100% premium quality cotton, our Printed t shirts guarantee you the utmost comfort. Now, confidently go out and feel relaxed all day long.

Get the perfect size and fit 

If you have never bought a printed t shirt online, you might be worried about finding the perfect size and fit, and, the confusion is justified. You have decided to buy a graphic t shirt that instantly grabbed your attention, but it is not available in your size. Or, getting an oversized t shirt (unless that's how you like), after waiting a long delivery time, is painful. We understand you!

At Muselot, you can find all half sleeve t shirts (printed or plain) in sizes S size to the 5XL t shirts.

Style it your way

Perhaps, you have picked your favorite printed tees with a stunning message written on it. Now, it is time to flaunt your inborn style. 

The key is to match the shades of the colors to create contrasts. It is rightly said that you can achieve anything in your life if you dress for it. 

So, are you ready for the printed t shirt hunt?

Decorated with quirky prints, quotes, and some cool images, printed t-shirts liberate the unique level of creativity and offer you an amazing look like never before. Allowing you to have the classic appeal, which maintains the perfect balance with the comfort, printed t-shirts for men and women are truly amazing.

Bringing out the fusion of beautiful prints with quirky and bold quotes, the printed t-shirts offered at Muselot are amazing and stand out from the crowd. Offering you the exotic and perfect look for every occasion, the printed t-shirt collection is all you need to style your way through every day.

Which Material For Printed T-Shirts Is Best?

No doubt, there are hundreds of materials available on the market, but cotton is the best. A soothing material, this is comfortable and classic for the summer while keeping you warm in the winter.

Designed with 100% cotton material, these t-shirts are shrink-free, wrinkle-free, and perfectly designed by passing through a series of quality checks, making them perfect for all seasons.

Are Printed T-Shirts Suited For A Casual And Formal Look?

Well, the printed t-shirts are mostly suited for casual occasions, but there is no strict rule. You can definitely wear them for formal occasions as well, but by considering a few points:

  • Select simple prints for a formal look.
  • Wear occasionally appropriate prints.
  • Make sure to wear quirky prints only on casual occasions.

However, on formal occasions, prefer solid plain tees over printed ones for a classic formal look. 

What Are All Things You Should Consider While Buying Printed T-Shirts?

Wearing the printed t-shirt is definitely a cool way to represent yourself on any occasion, though there are various cool funny t-shirts that you can wear, still when you are planning to buy the printed t-shirt, here are a few points to consider:

  • Consider the Material and Fabric Types
  • Make sure the size and measurements are correct.
  • Examine the overall fit, paying special attention to the stitching and seams.
  • The importance of a label or tag cannot be overstated.
  • Know your T-Shirt Prints and Colors
  • Consider the brand's quality and price.
  • Last, select the best graphic t-shirt for women and men that suit your style.

How To Order The Correct Size Printed T-Shirt?

The things that you should check while ordering the printed t-shirt for women and men are as follows:

  • T-shirts that fit properly should be neither too tight nor too loose.
  • The shoulder seams are a good indicator of how well a garment fits you.
  • The hem of your t-bottom shirt should not be higher than your hips; else, it will be too small.
  • To measure your chest, wrap the tape measure under your armpits and around the fullest part of your chest.
  • To decide the length you require, stand upright and measure from the top of your shoulder to below your waist.

Analyzing all these points will ensure that whether you get a half sleeves t-shirt or full sleeves cotton t-shirt, you get the best.

How Can You Style A Printed T-Shirt?

If you have a printed t-shirt, then here are some of the styling tips that can help you greatly:

  • Wear a pair of white sneakers and a fashionable patterned t-shirt with your damaged denim.
  • If you're going to the gym, than unisex joggers and your favorite t-shirt are ideal for yoga.
  • A stylish appearance is achieved by layering a checkered shirt over a basic printed t-shirt.
  • For brunch or dinner, layer a shirt underneath a round-neck patterned t-shirt.
  • For a stylish look, pair the graphic t-shirt with shorts.
  • Pair the printed t shirt with a jacket for a casual look.
  • Wearing overalls with a basic printed t-shirt is also a fantastic option.

Is A Printed T-Shirt Smart Casual?

That depends on what printed t-shirt you are willing to wear. In other terms, if you are willing to wear an online printed t-shirt with simple and inspirational quotes, then definitely you can use them for smart casuals.

Also, you can wear t-shirts with a dog or yoga t-shirt for smart casuals, but if you wear the funny quotes t-shirt, which is highly quirky and different, then the same is not suited for the smart casuals.

Which Are must-have Printed T-Shirts To Have In A Wardrobe?

That is definitely a tough question to answer. But we have listed the most common types of prints that can lighten up your day and make you look amazing when you have them in your wardrobe. Not only that, these are the unisex t-shirt styles that make them even better. So, here they are:

Well, the truth is no matter how many graphic print t-shirts you have, there will always be fewer, so just let your imagination and creativity go wild here.

Should You Buy A Printed T-Shirt Online?

You ought to do so! Unlike any other item, you may purchase the online printed t-shirt easily by navigating the size chart. Before placing your order, simply select your desired size, color, and print (if applicable).

You'll be able to show off your printed cotton t-shirt after a short wait. Also, always buy a branded t-shirt for men and women to always ensure the highest quality. Try the round neck t-shirt or crew neck t-shirt for a classic look.

Which Is The Best Color Or Print For A Long-Sleeved T-Shirt?

No benchmark defines the best printed t-shirt for men and women. That is totally based on your personal choice and selection, and so you should consider your preference while you select one. Rather than buying what others are following, follow your heart.

But still, if you are looking for suggestions, then a positive quote printed t-shirt for men and women is indeed the best choice for all occasions. The colors that are indeed the classic ones are black, white, and yellow, which are easy to style and carry.

Which Is The Best Season For Wearing A Printed T-Shirt?

Every season is perfect to wear a printed t-shirt with or without layering. Select your personal favorite printed t-shirt for men and women and wear it anytime you wish. Just remember to express your personality and be yourself with every outfit that you pick.