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Don’t we all like to know what can happen in the future? Our career? Or love lives? 

Or sometimes just explanations as to why we tend to be a certain way? 

Sometimes we even tend to ask ourselves why is it that we are compatible with some people and not with others? 

All these questions and mysteries, find some interweaving explanations in Astrology. The sun, the moon, the planets and all the stars weave together ways of explanations and elaborations to your whys and hows. 

Are you an astrology lover? Do you find yourself locating zodiac signs in the sky? Or is reading birth cards your superpower? 

For all you stargazers and astrology lovers, I unveil to you Muselot’s Zodiac Collection, offering a range of unique zodiac t-shirts, zodiac notebooks and zodiac printed mugs.

Spot your zodiac sign and let's get to talking all about our zodiac signs!

What zodiac signs go well together?

We have all heard about how some zodiac signs get along pretty well together while with others, they better not cross each other’s paths. I was the kind of person who has heard of this in conversations but never really knew what zodiac signs go well together. If you are a bit like me, I will bring you in the light now (you’re welcome). Here are the zodiac pairs that go well together:

  • Aries (Fire) and Aquarius (Air)
  • Taurus (Earth) and Cancer (Water)
  • Gemini (Air) and Aquarius (Air)
  • Cancer (Water) and Pieces (Pieces)
  • Leo (Fire) and Sagittarius (Fire)
  • Virgo (Earth) and Taurus (Earth)
  • Libra (Air) and Gemini (Air)
  • Scorpio (Water) and Cancer (Water)
  • Sagittarius (Fire) and Aries (Fire)
  • Capricorn (Earth) and Taurus (Earth)
  • Aquarius (Air) and Gemini (Air)
  • Pisces (Water) and Scorpio (Water)

Did you spot your pair? ;)

What gifts do Leos like?   

The brave Leos have a special trait of letting you know what they like and what they do not. So, you have that in your corner to help you while selecting your gift for a Leo friend. 

But here are a few zodiac gift ideas for a Leo: 

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What do Cancers love the most?   

Cancers being Water signs are sentimental and so any well thought of and personalised gift will be deeply appreciated by them. So, you would know your friend best, what they like and what they LOVE. 

But here are a few suggestions of what you can get:

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What are Libra zodiac’s stones and crystals?

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are Air signs they are known for their charm and clever wits! Here are a list of stones and crystals for Libras:

  • Ametrine (combines two crystals, Citrine and Amethyst) enhances the empathetic nature of Libras.
  • Tourmaline Quartz (originally found in Brazil) brings peace and protection. 
  • Prehnite (discovered first in Africa) helps to reduce anxious feelings.
  • Moonstone preserves a Libra’s innate wanderlust.

Where to find good quality zodiac mugs online?

There are just so many websites that have zodiac printed mugs. But with so many choices, where can you find good quality and unique zodiac printed mugs? 

My best recommendation is Muselot. Find your perfect personalized zodiac printed mug from our Zodiac Collection. Design is one thing but quality is equally important. So, I must tell you, our ceramic mugs are strong and brittle and are ready for the microwave and dishwasher at any time. 

So, grab our zodiac printed mugs to gulp 330 ml of happiness!

What are the best zodiac gifts? 

Hmm, I take it like a friend's birthday is coming up and they happen to be astrology lovers? Well, I applaud you for coming to the right place in the vast corner of the internet! 

Alright so here is a small suggestion on what you can get for each zodiac sign:

Aries - A portable speaker, an instax camera, candles.

Taurus - Perfume, journal, a cute bag.

Gemini - Books, movies, crossbody bag.

Cancer - Headphones, sunglasses, candles.

Leo - Watch, perfume, an eyeshadow palette.

Virgo - Perfume, chocolates, candes.

Libra - Earrings.

Scorpio - Wall art, necklaces, perfume.

Sagittarius - Coasters, ear muffs.

Capricorn - Purses/ clutches, earring, perfumes.

Aquarius - Bags.

Pieces - Pajama set, candles. 

But of course, you would know your friend better and get them what they would like :) 

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Where to buy zodiac sign t-shirt products in India?

Man, the internet can turn into a maze when you get to searching for your next favourite zodiac t-shirt! But hey, don’t ever settle for less, there is always more!

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What are the best zodiac merchandise?

With more and more people getting interested in Astrology (mind you, not astronomy), there are so many zodiac merchandise to choose from. But if you were to ask me what makes something “the best”, it would definitely be something that is unique, where you won’t catch yourself thinking “I think I saw this somewhere🤔”

So, you save your time (and peace of mind), I have to tell you about Muselot’s Zodiac Collection. From zodiac sign t-shirts, to zodiac notebooks and zodiac printed mugs, there is nothing you can miss from this one-stop-shop. 

Running out of gift ideas for zodiac lovers? Be our guest and shop the best zodiac sign gifts. Each zodiac sign has a unique print that will truly satisfy what “unique” means (really!) Virgo zodiac gifts, Aquarius zodiac gifts, Scorpio zodiac gifts, Pisces zodiac gifts, Aries zodiac gifts? You name it, we’ve got it!

We hope you find what you are looking for. See you again soon!

What do zodiac symbols represent?     

Are you intrigued by what the zodiac symbols could possibly represent? Let me try to break it down for you. So, basically the zodiacs are a set of constellations of stars. There are eighty eight known constellations at present and twelve of these represent the zodiac signs. 

Each zodiac represents a personality type and helps to understand a person’s emotions, defense mechanisms and personality traits. 

What’s your zodiac sign? :))