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Top 5 benefits of reading books

Reading books make a drastic change in one's life.

There are so many benefits to reading books that it shapes our personality.

No matter how many books you read but if the society knows that you are reading, you will be the wisest man in their eyes. 

People are facing so much complexities in their life that they need some good opinions from those who actually sit quietly in the corner and don’t boast about their achievements. 

Readers are one of a kind.

They always seems to be busy in exploring a new world that they don’t really care about the surrounding. Also they are always up for bookish talk. 

You can see that starry charm in their eyes while narrating a story to you that you mistakenly asked if it’s good or not. 

Let’s see how reading can change your personality through the top 5 benefits of reading books:


1. It reduces stress 

Reading books reduces stress

Dale Carnegie, one of the best-selling author, has said in his book “How to Stop worrying and start living” that “It is difficult to worry while you are busy in doing something.”

We can get stressed about our life in many ways, but to keep our self in a state of peace, it’s very helpful to busy yourself in something and books can be a perfect partner for you at this time.

You focus your mind on the story and you will forget how bad your day was.

It’s that good! Moreover, it makes a person able to deal with their life’s problems.

The book-stores are filled with a lot of Self-help books that help to handle most challenging situations.

2. It improves your English 

Reading improves your english

We all are fluent in English, but in our head and when we find someone to speak with, only words that come out with no hassle- Yes, yes, yes!, Ok , Fine, yeah!

Well, when we read English novels, we get acquainted with variety of words that takes our vocabulary to another level and when we speak to someone in English, we find no problem in using high profile words that surely puts a great impression on others.

Also, grammatically it plays a wonderful role.

3. It enhances your imagination 

Reading enhances your imaginations

Reading books can also become an exercise for your brain.

The more stories we read, more our mind gets into the process of visualizing the stories.

While reading we get open our mind to a lot of dramatic plots where your IQ is tested.

“Who did it? How he did it?, When he did it?” etc.

I love reading Dan Brown’s novels for a reason.

He is an amazing author and has been a best-selling writer of “The Da Vinci Code.”

His books are filled with adventure and thriller suspense.

It’s not that easy to predict what would be the ending and that thing keeps you up to read it until the final chapter arrives.

Even though his books are lengthy but I have experienced that his way of explaining the scenario always kept me busy and I could easily vision everything in front of my eyes while reading it.

So, reading such books really help a ton in your life.

Not only on a personal level, but in other way too.

Just assume yourself talking to someone and he/she is explaining you how he/she met with an accident.

If you have strong imagination power then it would be easy for you to develop that scene in your head otherwise only thing you can do in front of them is to nod.

4. It teaches us moral values 

Reading teaches us moral values

Books are always a trusted partner when it comes to teach children about moral values.

Well, not only for children but also for others.

It has to do nothing with your age.

No book is written without a perfect meaning.

Sometimes, the moral of the story is visible to the readers but sometimes writer wants their beloved readers to use their wit to find out.

But as I said, every book has something to teach us in a positive way.

“Reading a book will never go in vain.”

It always teaches us about love and relationships, respecting elders and other people’s sentiments.

It also teaches us humility.

In every way it helps us in becoming a good Human Being.

5. It also helps in decision making 

Reading helps us in decision making

Ever find yourself stuck in a situation where you found it hard to choose a side?

It is a normal thing and a mandatory part in every human’s life.

Making a decision is not easy.

You have to choose one from many.

In my life this thing started from the very day I started crying for my favorite toys.

But my parents were like, “Choose one.

We won’t buy you all.”

Just like that, life shows us a lot of options but we have to choose one that we should decide if it is beneficial for us.

Though it’s very hard but can become simple if we trust our instincts.

Books like, “Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahnmen”, “The Art of thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli”, “The 5 second rule by Mel Robbins” can easily guide you in this process.

There are plenty of books that are present in the book stores that are easily accessible to anyone.

Such books help us in not repenting on our decisions.

How books changed my life? 

How books change your life

I have experienced that my life has changed a lot from the very first time I picked a book to read.

It was a big decision that I took in my life back then.

I wanted to do something different in my life but was always scared of what the society will think.

Overthinking became a part of my existence.

But now I see everyone admiring my decision of becoming an Entrepreneur.

It all happened because whenever I felt I am in the dark, the books enlightened my path and guided me.

I believe everyone should be a reader as it polishes our character and brings the best version of us.

Moreover, they are “Our Best Friend” because they never distract us from our destiny and always remain true to their words.

So what do you think about reading? Let me know your views in the comments bellow.

Till the next time!


Manish Manu, content writer at Muselot

Manish Manu lives in a small town in Punjab.

He is a Freelance Writer, YouTuber, Blogger and an Entrepreneur.

After finishing his graduation, he devoted his time to learning everything about writing.

Though it was difficult for him to enroll himself for a creative writing course near to his place so he took the help of the internet and solely took whatever he could to learn about writing.

He has also worked with Fiverr and Freelancer for a while but after that he felt the need to share his reviews about books he read.

He shares a lot of book reviews on YouTube and is loved by viewers over the internet.

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