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Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport. Specially designed travel-themed printed merchandise to fuel your wanderlust! 🧳

Shop printed t shirts, printed mugs, printed hoodies, printed notebooks, and more specially designed for travel lovers.




Travelling is undoubtedly a liberating experience. If you are travelling alone or with a group of your favourite homies or with family members , it  gives a trove of memories that last a lifetime. So, what do you fancy? Are you a road trip lover or a trekking enthusiast?

Perhaps it's the ocean that you crave or the heights that get you high. Every travelling adventure deserves to be remembered, and what better way than to wear these adventures on your sleeves. We at Muselot, aspire to make your travels fun and memorable with our Traveller collection that contains travel t shirts, travel mugs, travel sweatshirts, travel hoodies, etc. 

How to style a t-shirt while travelling?

A t-shirt is a must-have garment for travel. But how can you style? Here are 5 tips to style a t-shirt. 

  • The classic all around tucked in. This always gives a clean and classic look while accentuating your legs. 

  • The half front tucked in. Perfect for a casual day outfit.

  • If crop is your preference, then the timeless front knot is the way to go. 

  • Girls, if going to the beach is on your day’s list, then turning your t-shirt to a dress can be a good exchange for a sundress.

  • Layering, layering, layering. A form fitting string top over a t-shirt is a look for the books (or camera roll).

How to keep t-shirts from getting too wrinkled while travelling?

We must remember that here friction is the enemy. So, the less friction between the t-shirts the better. Here are three tips to minimize wrinkles on t-shirts:

  • Roll ‘em up -

    This is a trick most of you would already know. And, yes it does work. For those who may not know about this (yet) all you need to do is lay out your t-shirt flat and even and make vertical folds on either side of the neck. Then tuck the sleeves in the middle and roll it up from end to end to get a perfect t-shirt burrito.

  • Bundle ‘em - To do this, clothes are bundled one after the other with the most wrinkled prone clothes (tailored suits) on the outer side and the less wrinkled prone ones are bundled on the inside. 

  • Bag ‘em - Another way is to bag the clothing item. Plastic dry cleaning bags are best but any plastic bag (remember to reuse and recycle) can do the trick.

How to pack chunky hoodies when travelling?

Packing can be quite a task, especially if it includes chunky hoodies because we all know how generous the packing capacity can be. 

When it comes to packing chunky hoodies, rolling them does not do the trick as they do not roll evenly. A better way to pack them is getting the perfect square fold. Firstly, lay the hoodie flat and even and then fold it vertically along the sides of the neck with the arms tucked in the middle. This will give a long rectangular shape. Then, carefully fold over to get a perfect square.

What is a good gift idea for travellers?

Are you brainstorming gift ideas for your traveller friend? Well, we have taken it upon us to make that task easy for you. 

Our Traveller collection offers a range of products from printed t-shirts for men and women, printed hoodies, round neck sweatshirts and printed mugs each having unique and fun travel themed prints/designs.

Hands down, they can make great sentimental gifts for any traveller.

How can I look stylish when travelling ?

It's only natural to want to look stylish (especially in photographs, guilty). Here are some tips to look stylish when travelling:

  1. Scarfs - They are effortless and can tie up any look together. They can be used over the head, around the neck, as a top or even a sarong. 
  2. Accessorize - Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings. They can help to dress up or dress down an outfit and make you look stylish at the same time.
  3. Sunnies - A pair of shades never hurt anybody. They make you look  super chic and laid back.  

You can always have them on your head, for an effortless chic look.

  1. Belts - A stable belt can save an outfit. If it's over a t-shirt or a dress or over a pair of pants or jeans, a good belt is a versatile styling piece. 

What are some of the best reasons to travel?

Although there are many, here are five best reasons to travel

  1. Travel gives you a chance to learn new cultures and traditions.
  2. It offers you an opportunity to make friends.
  3. It lets you step out of your comfort zone.
  4. It helps you discover new skills.
  5. Travel gives you memories for a lifetime.