Elevate Your Mood with the Ultimate List of Must-Read Books Across All Genres!

List of the Best Mood-Boosting Books in Every Genre

Stressed from the happenings in the world? Feeling low spirited about life?

Then maybe it's the time you take a break and dive into a good book.

No, no, not a dark and serious one.

No, you don't need to read a crime thriller or dystopia when you are stressed.

Not even those heartbreaking young adults, there is a high probability you will be found in a corner of your bed, crying in your pillow.

This is not the time for that. It is the time for something that can warm your heart and calm you down.

Life-Changing Reads Across All Genres

What kind of reader you are? What are your favorite genres?

Well, no matter what you like to read, if you search for a happy book that suits your taste, you will always find one.

If you are struggling to find something comfortable yet within your range of reading, don't worry, I am here to help you.

I have a feel-good book for everyone, and if you want to experiment you can try different genres too.

1. For the classic readers 

What comes to your mind when you think of classic books? Dark? Serious? Heavy literature?

Then this is the time you get introduced to some beautiful light-hearted writing.

Pride And Prejudice (Jane Austen) 

Austen is known for her happy ending and warm and beautiful themes. 

Written in 1813, this romantic novel follows the story of Elizabeth, her four sisters, and their mother who's all set to get them married to the new bachelors who've come to live in their neighborhood.

Little Women (Louisa May Alcott)

While this book was aimed at the female readers, its warmth can attract anyone.

Four sisters, each with different personalities, living with their mother and tackling everyday problems, and working for their dream future.

2. For those who live in a fantasy land

Fantasy novels are always associated with wars and losses. But they cater to other emotions too.

The House In Cerulean Sea (T J Klune) 

An island orphanage where six magical children live with their mysterious caretaker.

A bureaucrat is ordered to visit the island and investigate if those children are dangerous.

A beautiful love story is to follow, and everything in this book can lift your spirits.

3. For the humor lovers

While we are looking for happy books, how can we forget the evergreen humor?

Anxious People (Fredrik Backman) 

When a failed bank robber takes a group of strangers hostage, a humorous and unexpected chain of events starts.

A story of friendship forgiveness and hope, that can cheer you up with laughter in these hard times.

4. For those who love the love 

Love stories can be painful and heartbreaking, but not the ones I have skimmed for you. 

Beach Read (Emily Henry) 

Two writers who are polar opposites, and so are their writings. 

Hit with writer's block they are spending some time in neighboring beach houses. 

And maybe you have guessed what is to follow, or have you? 

Read this lovely lighthearted book on your weekend and see your happiness touching the roof. 

Little Paris Bookshop (Nina George)

A bookstore owner who prescribes books for heartbroken readers.

But yet he can't cure himself of the heartbreak he is nursing since his lover left him with just a handwritten letter. 

Grab this book and start a journey where literature heals everything.

5. For those who live in reality

If you don't want to dive into a fictional world, but rather see the beauty of the real one, here's a book for you. 

A Walk In The Woods (Bill Bryson) 

A travelogue by the very witty and entertaining Bill Bryson.

Read this to follow him on his walk through the Appalachian Trail.

Filled with breathtaking mountains, forests, and bears this will give you the experience of a real hike.

6. For the science fiction lovers

Who says science fiction cannot be something comforting?

Here is a book to treat yourself with if this is the genre you love.

The Midnight Library (Matt Haig) 

A library with an infinite number of books and each book tells the story of your life if you had made one different choice.

Follow the journey of Nora as she travels through the midnight library to find one different decision that can change her life.

A great way to express your love for reading is through your fashion and home decor choices, so why not pair this book with a cozy book-themed t-shirt or bookish mug?

Which book and genre from above got you the most interested to read?


Bhumika reads, writes and sometimes combine these two.

That's exactly what helps her sail through life.  

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