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I personally think books are amazing. There is a whole list of words I could use to describe how great they are. But one thing that always stands out to me is that, somewhere in this world there is a person who left or experienced the exact emotions I do and comprehend in the most vivid and real way possible (when I can’t even begin to put down what I feel).

I am sure you have had this almost odd emotional connection with a character too, right? How can someone in this vast world feel the exact same way you do? That, I think, is what makes storytelling so beautiful. Each one, help one, yeah? (even when we have no idea who the other person is or what they are going through) 

If you love reading and experiencing different worlds at the palm of your hands, how about declaring your love for reading to this world? From one book lover to another, let us make sure reading gets all the spotlight for all the comfort it gives us!

A good book with coffee in a bookish mug and a comfy for the love of reading t-shirt, ahh nothing can get better than that! (and fairy lights too please). Grab the best and unique bookish merchandise from the Reading Fanatics Collection right here at Muselot!

Happy reading!

What are the top 5 benefits of reading books?

I can go on and on about how amazing reading is. But if i have to pick 5 benefits of reading, they would be:

  • It reduces stress.
  • It improves your English.
  • It enhances your imagination.
  • It teaches you moral values.
  • It helps in decision making.

I hope these tips will serve you as your reading motivation to pick up a book sooner than later (if you haven't already)

What are some comfort book recommendations in all genres?

Are you ready for some comfort book recommendations to fill your next few days? Here are some suggestions for some genres:

Ahh if only there was a way to make time and squeeze in one more chapter! (every reader’s dream)

What are the 6 best Fantasy books to read?

Are you ready to jump into a portal and roam in a different world? Here are 6 best must read fantasy books:

  • The Sword of Kaigen by ML Wang
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstein
  • The Priority of the Orange Tree by Samatha Shannon
  • The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson
  • Toymakers by Robert Dinsdale
  • Never Die by Rob J Hayes
  • Books are uniquely MAGIC!

    How does reading books improve mental capacities?

    Reading not only makes us more well versed but it also helps to improve mental capacities.  5 ways reading books and novels can improve mental capacities include: 

    • You develop patience and perseverance.
    • You enhance your perspectives.
    • You enhance your creativity.
    • You become a subject matter/ genre expert.
    • You become aware of mental issues.

    What can you gift to a book lover?

    Well besides books or a gift voucher at a bookstore, book lovers would definitely enjoy book lovers merchandise. And here is where I can help you out. Shop for the best and unique gift for book lovers (that aren’t books) right here at Muselot!

    Made with love in India by book lovers, our Reading Fanatic Collection offers a range of products for bibliophiles like book lover t-shirts, bookish hoodies and coffee mugs for book lovers

    Choose your pick from the bookish merchandise which also include gifts for book and coffee lovers (the best combo)! At Muselot we do our best to give you the best of quality and design. We hope you find something that brings a smile to your face!  

    Where to get graphic t-shirts for book lovers?

    They say, “Do not judge a book by its cover” but when it comes to graphic t-shirts for book lovers, I am afraid that covers are everything ;)

    Find your new favourite book over a t-shirt at Muselot and declare your love for books to the entire world (real and fantasy!) Made with 100% cotton and printed with the classic Inkjet Technology, our t-shirts for book lovers will leave you feeling comfortable and stylish!

    For what is worth, let us unite and be proud of one fact that A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies!

    Where to get book themed hoodies online?

    Season change but your love for reading will always stay the same. 

    Looking for the best bookish hoodies? Get Winter ready with our book lover hoodies from our Reading Fanatics Collection. Made with 100% combed cotton and printed without DTG (direct to garment) printers, our hoodies are super comfy and stylish.

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